Production Policy
Adopted May 11, 2011



Because ABC Players is a community theater group with a mission of promoting theater within the wider community, and because it is the group rather than any single individual that is responsible for producing a show, each person who participates in a play for ABC Players should be aware of the following production policies.


All auditions will be open, (no pre-casting) and any person who comes to an audition will be given an opportunity to try out.  (Early auditions for principal parts are fine, but those are also to be open to all comers.) All auditions will be publicized to give all interested persons equal opportunity to participate.


  1. If a cast or crew member needs to be replaced, and the cast or crew member being replaced did not resign, the director or assistant director will inform the cast member being replaced of that decision directly, either by telephone or face to face.  E-mail or telephone voice mail is not acceptable.  The cast member being replaced must be informed before any other announcement is made.
  2. Directors will provide a tentative rehearsal schedule at the start of rehearsals.
  3. All directors may cancel or reschedule rehearsals based on cast availability, weather, and other complications.  However, before canceling a performance, unless time is critical due to severe weather or similar disaster, the director must explain the reason for the cancellation to the cast and obtain their agreement, and then notify the president of ABC Players before taking action.  If the president is unavailable, the director must notify the other officers of ABC Players.
  4. Because ABC Players solicit sponsorships from local businesses, and part of the sponsorship agreement is that the sponsor's name will be mentioned in the curtain speech, all shows will include a curtain speech that will be pre-recorded using a script that includes the sponsor's name.  The director can script a curtain speech uniquely for a given production as long as all necessary information is included.
  5. Directors who repeatedly ignore the provisions of this production policy may be subject to replacement by a majority vote of the play cast and officers of ABC Players.

Cast and Crew

  1. Cast and crew members will provide an e-mail address (first preference) or telephone number to which the director can send information related to the production (schedules, questions, etc.).  Cast and crew will check for production information regularly (preferably once a day) and will respond promptly to questions.
  2. Cast and crew members will inform the director at auditions of any conflicts with the proposed production schedule, and will make any new conflicts known as soon as possible.
  3. Cast and crew members will attend rehearsals, performances, and meetings as requested, arriving promptly, with appropriate preparation.
  4. Cast and crew members who repeatedly ignore the provisions of this production policy may be subject to replacement by the director.

ABC Players

  1. ABC Players will support the director, cast and crew by promptly reimbursing expenses for the production upon receipt of receipts.
  2. ABC Players members will support productions in which they are not cast members by attending performances and volunteering for technical and front-of-house responsibilities.


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