All the King's Women

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



News headlines introduce each episode from Elvis's life.


One Tupelo Saleswoman:  In a Tupelo, Mississippi hardware store, the Saleswoman cautiously displays a guitar to 11-year-old Elvis, who wants a 22 rifle.

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Sylvia Abbott

Carol Ault

Alex Couladis

Marissa Dienstag

Bill L'Heureux

Laura Marx

Jodi MacNeal

Kim Mather

James McGee-Moore

Hannah Sickles

Ezra Thobaben

Andrea Thompson

Marlo Tinkham

Linda Watkins

HoundDog1 CynthiaWithDogs
Alex “Elvis” Couladis rocks out to “You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog.” The Censor and the King:  Cynthia, secretary to Elvis's manager, admires two hound dogs as Abby, Steve Allen's secretary, explains the concept of Elvis's appearance on the Steve Allen Show, and Barbara, network censor secretary, takes notes.
EveAnythingMore EveRecurringDream
I Am in the Garden with a God:  Eve, confronted in the supermarket with a strange man who asks for the peanut butter she has in her cart, responds, “Take it. It doesn't matter to my six children whether they eat chunky or creamy.” After realizing that the strange man is Elvis Presley, Eve confides that she “. . . can no longer go back in that store. 'Cause it is no longer a store . . . it is a holy shrine . . . .”
Alice1 Beth
When Nixon Met Elvis:  Chief of Operators Alice takes a call from a gate guard at the White House: Elvis Presley is there. Beth, Appointment Secretary Chapin's secretary, has no appointment with Elvis on the calendar.
Cathy ThreeSecretaries
Cathy, President Nixon's secretary, also has no knowledge of an appointment. Nixon does meet with Elvis, but all three secretaries are sworn to secrecy.  However, they do join him for lunch at the White House Dining Room—“The greatest day of my life!”
Warhol1 Paula
Warhol Explains Art to Elvis:  Three of Andy Warhol's assistants search for the right words to persuade Elvis to endorse a Warhol portrait. Pink Cadillacs and God:  When Elvis walks into a Cadillac showroom, two saleswomen vie for the chance to sell him a car.  Paula, the supervisor, suggests that the one who has the best theory of why Elvis buys cars should sell the next one.
Mona LoraExplains2
Mona's theory is that Elvis thinks of the cars as women. Lora believes that Elvis wants convertibles so that he can look up and thank God for his talent.
PaulaDecides Guard1
Paula ultimately uses her “Solomon Theory of Sales”:  she will divide the commission in half, credit each saleswoman with half a sale, and make the sale herself.

One Private Guard:  After Presley's sudden death at age 42, a Graceland employee reminisces about her experiences.

SaltShaker LeslieEddie3
Leaving Graceland:  Leslie has resigned as a Graceland gift shop employee and backup singer for her Elvis-impersonator boyfriend Eddie so that she can enroll at the community college.  Eddie can't understand why. Leslie persuades him that, even if she will not watch any more Elvis impersonations or Elvis movies, “It's gonna be all right.”

Curtain call.


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