An O. Henry Christmas

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

O. Henry 8

The choir performs before curtain time.

O. Henry 6
The street songstress and musician perform “O, Holy Night.”

O. Henry 16
The children's pageant:  “And they presented unto him gifts:  Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

  • The Cast
  • (order in program)
  • Prolog

Missionary (Celeste Parsons)

Children in Nativity Play (Morgan Atherton, Sophia Atherton, Orion Carter, Irie Green, Tatum L'Heureux, Lily Porter, Zach Riefler, Kate Wilhelm, Tess Wilhelm)

  • The Cop & The Anthem

Soapy (James Euto)

Street Musician (Matt Swintek)

Cop (Ken Bowald)

Man in Park, Diner Waiter, 2nd Cop (Bill L'Heureux)

Woman in Park, Bedelia (Heidi Wilhelm)

Maitre D', Umbrella Man (David Potts)

Townsperson, Theatergoer (Lee Carter, Lily Porter)

  • The Last Leaf

Parlor Maid (Heidi Wilhelm)

Doctor (Ken Bowald)

Sue (Robin Barnes)

Johnsy (India Mitchell)

Behrman (Ben Edwards)

  • The Gift of the Magi

Della (Lee Carter)

Jim (Bill L'Heureux)

Butcher (David Potts)

Madame Sofronie (Alexa Ross)

  • Musicians

Street Musician (Matt Swintek)

Street Songstress (Joann Wolfe)

Director of Chorus (Maxine Young)

Chorus (Jill DePue, Sandy Giesey, Stephanie Hysmith, Mary James, Tawn Jutton, Ron Jutton, Kathy Llewellyn, Monte McCune, Carole McCune, Beverly Schumacher, John Young

O. Henry 22 O. Henry 26
Soapy wakes up on a park bench. Cruise tickets for Christmas!
O.Henry 50 O.Henry 60
Soapy explains his plan:  get arrested and spend three months in a warm jail. Thrown out of a fancy restaurant.
O.Henry 83 O.Henry 93
The check is presented in a greasy spoon. Prospective masher Soapy is taken aback when his advances are welcomed rather than causing arrest.
O.Henry 100 O.Henry 120
Disturbing the peace—but still no arrest. Organ music from a church brings Soapy resolve to make something of himself.
O.Henry 128 O.Henry 151
“In the Bleak Midwinter” A bleak prognosis from the doctor for Sue’s young friend Johnsy:  “She's made up her mind that she wants to die.”
O.Henry 158 O.Henry 175
“When the last leaf falls, I will go too,” Johnsy tells Sue. Herr Behrman looks at one of Johnsy’s paintings: “Gott! Dis is not any blace in which one so goot as Miss Yohnsy shall lie sick.  Some day I vill baint a masterpiece and ve shall all go away.”
O.Henry 185 O.Henry 203
Sue tells the recovered Johnsy sad news:  Herr Behrman has died after painting his masterpiece—a last leaf on the ivy vine that will never fall off. Jim and Della share two treasures:   Della’s beautiful hair, and Jim's watch, a family heirloom.
O.Henry 209 O.Henry 229
After buying food for Christmas dinner, Della has almost nothing left with which to buy a present for Jim. At Madame Sofronie’s, Della sells her hair.
O.Henry 232 O.Henry 236
The perfect Christmas present—a chain for Jim’s watch. Della worries about the loss of her hair:  “Please, God—make him think I’m still pretty!”
O.Henry 250 O.Henry 262
Della admires her present from Jim:  “The tortoise shell combs with jeweled rims that I’ve longed for all these months! ” Jim tells Della, “Let’s put our presents away and keep them for awhile.  I sold the watch to buy your combs.”
O.Henry 270 O.Henry 286
The Narrator comments on “these two foolish children . . . Everywhere, they are wisest.  They are the Magi.” Curtain call.


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