Animal Tales

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris
except as noted.

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  • The Cast
  • (program order)

Joe Balding (“Froggie Went a’Courting,” “The Elephant's Child”)

Violet Bradley (“Froggie Went a’Courting”)

Lola Cornett (“Froggie Went a’Courting”)

Joanna Duquette (“Froggie Went a’Courting”)

Quinn Duquette (“Froggie Went a’Courting,” “Doggie in the Window,”)

Tatum L’Heureux (“Froggie Went a’Courting,” “Doggie in the Window”)

Chad Kopenski (“The Elephant’s Child”)

Eliza Kopenski (“The Elephant’s Child”)

Clement Liu (“Froggie Went a’Courting”)

Paula Maiden (“Swinging on a Star”)

James McGee-Moore (Narrator, “The Elephant’s Child”)

Celeste Parsons (“Being Green,” “The Elephant’s Child”)

Rita Preston (“Swinging on a Star”)

Alexa Ross (“The Elephant’s Child”


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