The Diary of Anne Frank

Photos by Chan


Set by Dean Barker.

Hanukkah Otto reads as the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel celebrate Hanukkah, "Praised be Thou, Oh Lord, our God."
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Otto Frank (Ken Bowald)

Miep Gies (Sue Elser)

Mrs. Petronella Van Daan (Celeste Parsons)

Mr. Van Daan (Bruce Jones)

Peter Van Daan (Dayton Willison)

Mrs. Edith Frank (Ruth Borovicka)

Margot Frank (Laura Dakin)

Anne Frank (Annmarie Steffes)

Mr. Kraler (Neal Nesbitt)

Jan Dussel (Joe Balding)

Mouschi (Alex the cat)

Miep Kraler
Miep: "You can't say that we suffered." Edith: "When Mr. Kraler comes the sun begins to shine."
Three Years Ago Ration Books
Otto, with Miep: "Nineteen hundred and forty-two. Is it possible, Miep? . . . Only three years ago." Miep, with Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Kraler: "I've got to go to the other side of town to get some ration books for you."
I Love Cats. New Diary
Anne, with Peter and Mouschi: "I love cats." Anne, with Otto: "I've never had a diary. And I've always longed for one."
Subjunctive Mood I'm A Lady
Margot, with Otto: "I thought . . . look here . . . I didn't use it here." Mrs. Van Daan, with Anne: "Remember Mr. So-and-So, remember I'm a lady."
Talk Talk Talk Terrible Thing To Ask
Mr. Van Daan, with Edith and Anne, Otto and Peter behind: "Every evening it's the same, talk, talk, talk." Mr. Kraler, with Anne, Edith, Peter, Margot, and Mr. Van Daan: "I know it's a terrible thing to ask of you, living as you are, but would you take him in with you?"
Otto Frank here! Three Ration Books
Mr. Dussel, with Edith, Margot, Peter, and Anne: "I'm dreaming. I know it. I can't believe my eyes. Mr. Otto Frank here!" Mr. Van Daan, with Mrs. Van Daan, Edith, and Margot: ". . . three ration books among the seven of us . . . and now you make eight."
Razor Lift Up Mine Eyes
Anne, with Edith, Peter, Mr. Dussel, Otto, Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Van Daan: "You really do need a razor now." Edith, with Mr. Dussel, Mrs. Van Daan, Mr. Van Daan, Anne, and Margot: "I lift up mine eyes into the hills, from whence cometh my help." 
Hanukkah Doctor
Frank and Van Daan families: "Hear us rejoicing and merrily voicing the Hanukkah song that we sing." Mr. Kraler, with Anne, Mr. Van Daan, and Edith: "You know what he answers . . . over the telephone . . . Stick out your tongue!."
Steam All Wrong
Anne, with Peter: "I do it all wrong. I say too much. I go too far. I hurt people's feelings . . . ." Anne: "Well, any time you want to let off steam, you can come into my room." (Peter) "I can get up an awful lot of steam."
Spoiling Ever Kiss a Girl
Anne, with Mr. Dussel, Edith, Mrs. Van Daan, and Otto: "I'm going to Peter's room. I'm not going to let Petronella Van Daan spoil our friendship." Anne, with Peter: "Peter, did you ever kiss a girl?" 
Auf Machen Hope
Soldiers' voices, with Peter, Anne, and Edith: " Auf machen! Schnell! Schnell! Schnell!" Otto, with the Van Daan and Frank families: " For the past two years, we have lived in fear. Now we can live in hope."
Over Despite All
Anne: "And so it seems our stay here is over." Anne's voice, with Miep, Otto, and Mr. Kraler: "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."


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