Backstage at The Diary of Anne Frank Return

Dayton Willison and Joe Balding work on their makeup.

Costumer Patty Witmer at work in the costume shop Crewing a performance: props assistant Christine Neuman, stage manager Lou Ann Jones, props assistant Florian Fischer, and costumer Patty Witmer.
Waiting to go on: Celeste Parsons, Christine Neumann, and Annemarie Steffes. Discussing the show in front of the poster wall in the green room: costume assistant Pat Elisar, Annemarie Steffes, director Norman Cohn, Laura Dakin, and Neal Nesbitt.
Discussing smoking technique: Joe Balding, Bruce Jones, and Neal Nesbitt. Changing costumes between scenes: Ken Bowald, Dayton Willison, Joe Balding, Neal Nesbitt, and costume assistant Penni AlZayer.


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