Arsenic and Old Lace

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Abby and Martha donate a pail of soup to help a family the Rev. Dr. Harper is assisting.


Mortimer and his aunts watch his fiance, Elaine Harper, taking a shortcut through the graveyard.

  • The Cast
  • (order of speaking)

Abby Brewster (Cecilia Rinaldi)

The Rev. Dr. Harper (Terrence Smith)

Teddy Brewster (Joe Balding)

Officer Brophy (Ken Bowald)

Martha Brewster (Linda Watkins)

Elaine Harper (Lizzie Potter)

Mortimer Brewster (Jackson Savage)

Mr. Gibbs (Terrence Smith)

Jonathan Brewster (Daniel Wasserman)

Dr. Einstein (Micheal Cline)

Officer O'Hara (Jordan Proffitt)

Lieutenant Rooney (Leslie Heskett)

Mr. Witherspoon (Terrence Smith)

Arsenic-3 Arsenic-4
The ladies give Mortimer some advice. Teddy "Roosevelt" Brewster insists that Dr. Einsteain accompany him to inspect the work on the canal in Panama.
Arsenic-5 Arsenic-6
Abby and Martha use a gentle persuasion with Teddy. Dr. Einsteain finds himself caught between quarreling brothers, Jonathan and Mortimer.
Arsenic-7 Arsenic-8
Jonathan prepares a slow and painful death for his brother. Lieutenant Rooney recognizes Jonathan as a fugitive from the law. Officers Brophy and O'Hara look on as Teddy inspects the unconscious Jonathan.


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