Auntie Mame

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

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Norah Muldoon (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Young Patrick (William Morosko)

Teen Patrick (Ethan Cooper)

Patrick (Caleb Bryant)

Ito (Tatum L'Heureux)

Mame Dennis (Carol Ault)

Vera Charles (Linda Watkins)

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside (Brittan Posey)

Emory MacDougal (& Michael Dennis) (Sean Wendelken)

Lindsey Woolsey (& Lord Dudley) (Jason Morosko)

Mr. Loomis (& Theater Manager, Lithuanian Bishop, Lance Beaufort) (Terrence J. Smith)

Babcock (& Veterinarian, Reginald, Uncle Moultrie) (Joe Balding)

Sally Cato MacDougal (Ronni Smith)

Mother Burnside (Sylvia Abbott)

Agnes Gooch (& Radcliffe, Shopper, Aunt Euphemia) (Fae Maffin)

Brian O'Bannion (& Ralph Devine, Paper Hanger, Butler, Groom) (Ezra Thobaben)

Gloria Upson (& Cousin Fan) (Hannah Sickles)

Mr. Upson (& Osbert, Stage Manager, Cousin Jeff) (Doug Bentley)

Mrs. Upson (Martha Carson)

Pegeen Ryan (& Maid, Edna, Woman in Macy's) (James McGee-Moore)

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