a play in 2 acts and 45 phone calls

The Belles
  • The Cast
  • (clockwise from bottom)

Audrey Hart (Jennifer Edwards)

Aneece Walker (Kim Mather)

Sherry "Dust" Walker (Robin Barnes)

Paige Walker (Becky Prater)

Roseanne Johnson (Tawna Rogers)

Peggy Reese (Carol Ault)

Voice of Mike Kozlowski (Travis Del Matto)

Becky as Paige Kin as Aneece
Becky Prater as Paige Walker of Austin, TX Kim Mather as Aneece Walker of Philadelphia, PA
Robin as Sherry Jennifer as Audrey
Robin Barnes as Sherry Walker of Elk Run, WA Jennifer Edwards as Audrey Hart of Collierstown, MS
Carol as Peggy Tawna as Roseanne
Carol Ault as Peggy Reece of Memphis, TN Tawna Rogers as Roseanne Johnson of Atlanta, GA
Huckle Hart & Hart
Huckle Hart (of Hart & Hart) as himself Hart & Hart
Nick and Megan Stage Manager Norm
Nick Rotondo and Megan Eberly, sound and lights Norman Cohn, stage manager


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