Break a Leg

Photos by John Halley

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  • The Cast
  • (program order)

Tatum L’Heureux (Polly O’Connor, Marc Anthony)

Austin Dellinger (Les Peterson)

Joe Balding (Larry, The Groom, Macbeth)

Ezra Thobaben (Harry, The Bride, Lady Macbeth, Caesar, Male Voice)

Vanessa Foreman (Gertrude, Portia from The Merchant of Venice, Portia from Julius Caesar)

Alana Bruce (Maggie, Seton, Witch 2, Dancer)

Julie Towne (Molly, Juliet, Calpurnia)

Jozlyn Bew (Annie, Shylock, Witch 3)

Jada Traugh (Judy, Jennifer, Waiting/Gentlewoman)

Calista Bruce (Susan, Doctor of Physic, Witch 1)

Ryan Frost (The Author, The Sea Captain, Romeo, Hamlet, Brutus)

Dan Maccabee (The Director)

Melissa Maccabee (The Stage Manager)

Celeste Parsons (Organization Representative)

Jodi MacNeal (The Real Director)



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