Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Maggie:  “I know something that would make y’ feel much fresher.”

Brick and Maggie


  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Lacey (Kaylla Steadman)

Sookey (Celeste Parsons)

Margaret (Heidi Wilhelm)

Brick (Bob Rymer)

Mae (Shelly Riggs)

Gooper (Ken Bowald)

Big Mama (Karen M. Chan)

Dixie (Courtney Hull)

Buster (Colin Hull)

Sonny (Talon Morris)

Trixie (Shifra Narasimhan)

Polly (Irie Green)

Big Daddy (Joe Balding)

Rev. Tooker (Matt Hull)

Dr. Baugh (Ron Luce)

Daisy (Robin Barnes)

Brightie (Sandy Russell)

The Cat Why?
Maggie:  “Who are you?  I am Maggie the Cat.” Buster:  “What’s Uncle Brick doing on the floor?”
Jealous Stealin' Chickens
Dixie:  “You’re just jealous because you can’t have babies!” Mae:  “Gooper!  What all have the kiddies been shot fo’?”  Gooper:  “Everything but stealin’ chickens, I guess!”
Lap Cake
Big Mama:  “Hey, folks!  Ever see a preacher in a lady’s lap?” Big Mama:  “Here comes Big Daddy’s birthday!
Skinamarinka Blow
No-Neck Monsters:  “Skinamarinka—do. We love you.” Big Daddy:  “Take a deep breath an’ blow out th’ goddam candles on th’ cake!”
Big Daddy:  “You want liquor that bad?” Big Daddy:  “You’re my son, an’ I'm goin’' to straighten you out, now that I’m straightened out, I’m goin’ to straighten you out!”
Buck Passing Bang!
Big Daddy:  “You been passing the buck.  This disgust with mendacity is disgust with yourself.” No-Neck Monsters:  “Bang!  Bang!  Bang!”
Surroundin’ Malignant
Big Mama:  “Why’re you all surroundin’ me?—like this?  Why’re you all starin’ at me like this an’ makin’ signs at each other?” Doc Baugh:  “We had this bit of tissue run through the laboratory an’ I’m sorry t’ say the test was positive on it.  It’s malignant.”
First Born A Plan
Maggie overhears from the gallery.  Mae:  “Gooper's your son, Mama, he's your first born!” Gooper:  “Now this is not—not final, or anything like it, this is just a preliminary outline.  But it does provide a—basis—a design—a—possible, feasible—plan.”
Time Announcement
Big Mama:  “Time goes by so fast.  Nothin’ can outrun it.  Death commences too early—almost before you’re half-acquainted with the other.” Maggie:  “Announcement of life beginning!  A child is coming, sired by Brick, and out of Maggie the Cat!”
Life How Do You Know?
Big Daddy:  “Uh-huh, this girl has life in her body, that’s no lie! Brick:  “Mae, Sister Woman, how d’ you know that I don’t sleep with Maggie?”


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