Charlotte's Web the Musical

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



John Arable isn't joining his family for breakfast. He has to go out to the hog house to dispatch a runt piglet.


Fern begs for the little pig to be spared, and her father agrees.

  • The Cast
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John Arable (Joe Balding)

Wilbur (Caleb Bryant)

Spider 2, Chorus (Avery Brooks)

Martha Arable (Lee Carter)

Avery (Orion Carter)

Gander, Uncle the Pig (Ethan Cooper)

Spider 3, Chorus (Emily Davis)

Chorus (Catalina Dixon)

Chorus (Gianna Dixon)

Chorus (Jade Frame)

Chorus (Paige Fuller)

Chorus (Clay Fuller)

Chorus (Annie Haseley)

Sheep (Teagan Hughes)

Bat (Allyriane Huq)

Chorus (Elena Johnson)

Chorus (Brandi Kisor)

Charlotte (Zoie Lanning)

Owl (Sydney Lewis)

Chorus (Tatum L’Heureux)

Edith Zuckerman (Celeste Parsons)

Templeton (Brittan Posey)

Spider 1, Chorus (Eden Radcliff)

Chorus (Harmony Radcliff)

Lamb (Kaela Ricket)

Goose (Becca Robinson)

Fern (Sydni Roell)

Homer Zuckerman (Sandy Russell)

Lurvy (Tanner Sebastian)

Chorus (Sean Wendelken)

Chorus (McKenna Williams)

Wilbur Zuckerman Farm
Fern struggles to find the right name for her little pig and finally settles on “Wilbur.”

When Wilbur grows bigger, the Averys decide to send him down the road to the Zuckerman Farm, where he meets Edith and Homer Zuckerman and Lurvy, the hired hand.

Animals Introductions
The other animals on the Zuckerman Farm greet Wilbur, . . . . . .and introduce themselves  . . .
Templeton Welcome
. . . including Templeton the Rat:  “Put 'er there, pal.” The animals all join in a grand welcome hoedown.
Sulphur Friends
The next morning, Homer decides Wilbur needs some sulphur and molasses to help improve his appetite, but Wilbur is just lonely for a friend.
Wilbur meets Charlotte the barn spider, and they decide that, even though they are as different as can be, they can still be friends.
Summer Bad News
While cleaning the barn, Homer and Edith note the happy arrival of summer. The Sheep passes on the bad news:  “Wilbur . . . they're fattening you up because they're going to kill you.”
Saved Runaway Pig

Charlotte promises Wilbur that she will save him somehow.

The next morning, Wilbur has run away to save himself, and Lurvy and the Zuckermans run after him.
Some Pig Terrific
When they return to the barn, Lurvy points out the message Charlotte has woven into her web.  Edith is shocked:  “I don't believe it!  ‘Some Pig.’” Wilbur is saved for the present, but Charlotte knows more is needed. The animals decide on the next message, which is discovered the next morning.  As Homer says, “There it is plain as day, ‘Terrific.’”
The Press XXXX
Charlotte again works through the night to make a new word:  Radiant. Representatives from the press arrive to get the story and take pictures of the miraculous pig.
Fair Freedom
At the county fair everyone shows off their best farm products, and Wilbur is entered in the livestock division. With many parental cautions, Avery and Fern are given permission to explore the fair, while Edith gives Wilbur a milk bath to spruce him up for the judging.
Don't Uncle
Fern and Avery complain about all of the rules.  It seems as though their parents’ favorite word is “Don't.” Uncle, a large, very confident pig comes around to check out the competition and laughs at little Wilbur.
Cheer Up Humble
Charlotte cheers up Wilbur:  “You’re you and you’ve always got the chance to win.” Although Uncle wins the blue ribbon, the judges award a special cash prize and bronze medal to Wilbur. With Charlotte’s latest word, “Humble,” displayed in the background, everyone congratulates Wilbur.
Thanks Birth
Wilbur thanks Charlotte for saving his life, and she asks him to carry her egg sac back to the barn since her life is nearing its end. Spring returns to the farm, and all 514 of Charlotte’s children hatch out of the egg sac.  Three remain behind and make friends with Wilbur, who is some terrific, radiant, humble pig.


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