Once upon a Clothesline
Flag Ceremony
Paul Hilliard as Mr. Cricket, Andrea Berckowitz as Mrs. Ant, Patrick Balding as Dr. Beetle and Mark Ingram as Mr. Grasshopper.

Athens Messenger photo by John Halley.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Butterfly (Lauren Daniels)

First Bird (Emily Van Meter)

Second Bird (Jessica Biddlestone)

Pinno (Carl Ortman)

Pinnette (Gretchen Kelmer)

Black Spider (Marisa Muntean)

Junior Ant (Annie Kerkian)

Mrs. Ant (Andrea Berchowitz)

Mr. Grasshopper (Mark Ingram)

First Grasshopper (Hanna John-Conry)

Second Grasshopper (Laura Lee Branner)

Third Grasshopper (Avery Eslocker)

Mr. Cricket (Paul Hillard)

Dr. Beetle (Patrick Balding)

Baby Birds
Emily Van Meter and Jessica Biddlestone as baby birds.

Athens News photo (photographer not listed).


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