Death by Chocolate

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Bobbie Sue sings.


Henry, Coco, and Bobbie Sue watch as Nick samples his Death by Chocolate drink.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Nick Noir (Joe Balding)

Selma (Heidi Wilhelm)

Bobbie Sue (Rita Preston)

Bonbon Purvis (Ginny Puhl)

Henry Higgins Higgenbottom (James Euto)

Coco Purvis (Carol Ault)

Francois Lepew (Terrence Smith)

Georgia Gore (Sylvia Abbott)

Yolanda Lamb (Sandy Russell)

Juniper Berry (Katie Hukill)

Death-3 Death-4
Nick questions Coco. Nick shows Coco and Bonbon who's in charge.
Death-5 Death-6
Selma assists Nick with the investigation while Francois gesticulates. Nick defends himself from Georgia's pepper spray.
Death-7 Death-8
Francois shares some information with Nick. Nick questions Yolanda.
Death-9 Death-10
Nick really shows Coco and Bonbon who's in charge. Selma, disguised as Madam Rusticoat, knows many things.
Death-11 Death-12
Once again, Nick asserts his authority. Selma watches as Juniper ignores Nick to confer with Henry.


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