The Death of the Old Man
  • The Cast
  • (left to right)

Director (Brian Christopher)

Tom Thornton (Ron Luce)

Sealy (Joe Balding) as ,

Jack Thornton (Neil Olcott)

Rosa Thornton (Sarah Irene Nehrig)

Miss Loula (Pat Berry Fraze)

Cousin Lyd (Tawna Rogers) and

Will Thornton: the Old Man (Tim Smith)

Male Trio Miss Loula
(L to R): Joe Balding as Sealy, Ron Luce as Tom Thornton and Neil Olcott as Jack Thornton Pat Berry Fraze as Miss Loula
Rosa Cousin Lyd
Sarah Irene Nehrig as Rosa Thornton Tawna Rogers as Cousin Lyd
Will Thornton
Tim Smith as Will Thornton (The Old Man)


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