Elf, the Musical, Jr.

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Studio B

Directors and actors record a Conversation from Studio B.  [Photo not by Karen M. Chan or Jeff & Heather Morris.]

Elf 15

Santa returns to his workshop at the North Pole . . .

Elf 32

 . . . where the busy elves are “Happy All the Time” . . .

Elf 37

 . . . especially Buddy.

  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Jozlyn Bew (Charlotte Lambert/Ensemble)

Caleb Bryant (Santa & Fake Santa/Ensemble)

Blake Coakley (Elf/Ensemble)

Ethan Cooper (Buddy)

Landis Corrigan (Elf/Ensemble)

Erik Dabelko (Mr. Greenway/Ensemble)

Giana Dixon (Flyer Person/Ensemble)

Paige Fuller (Elf/Emma Van Brocklin/Ensemble)

Allie Harmon (Emily Hobbs)

Mia Harmon (Elf/Ensemble)

Eli Herzog (Elf Charlie/Ensemble)

AJ Huq (Jovie)

Ben King (Walter Hobbs)

Madison King (Teenager/Ensemble)

Max King (Elf/Ensemble)

Brandi Kisor (Soulvaki Person/Ensemble)

Kate Legar (Elf/Ensemble)

Sydney Lewis (N. Yorker/Employee/Ensemble)

Morris L'Heureux (Elf/Ensemble)

Tatum L'Heureux (Chadwick/Ensemble)

Carter Maccabee (Elf/Ensemble )

Katie Maccabee (Deb/Ensemble)

Riley Maffin (Manager/Ensemble)

Mya Martin (Police Officer/Ensemble)

Addi McDonald (Elf/Ensemble)

Addie McGarry (Police Officer/Ensemble)

Erin McManaway (Elf/Ensemble)

Sarah McManaway (Santa's Helper/Ensemble)

Izzy Meek (Sam/Ensemble)

Emma Molde (Elf/Ensemble)

William Morosko (Matthews/Ensemble)

Abram Papineau (Jogger/Ensemble)

Cali Papineau (Sarah/Ensemble)

Eden Radcliff (Elf/Ensemble)

Harmony Radcliff (Elf/Ensemble)

Moxley Schwarzel (Elf/Ensemble)

Walker Stone (Elf/Ensemble)

Becca Swanson (Charlotte Dennon/Ensemble)

Leah Swatzel (Elf Shawanda/Ensemble)

Sean Wendelken (Michael Hobbs)


Elf Elf
But Elf Charlie tells Buddy the bad news:  his toy production is way behind all the other elves. Santa comforts the distraught Buddy by explaining his human background.
Elf 88 Elf 102
Santa sends Buddy off in search of his human father with a snow globe depicting the Empire State Building. Excited Buddy dreams of meeting the “World’s Greatest Dad.”
Elf 114 Elf 136
New York bustles with activity. Buddy enlists the help of some New Yorkers in his search.
Elf 158 Elf 172
Meanwhile, at Greenway Press, Walter Hobbs is annoyed when his wife and son interupt an important business meeting. Buddy arrives, but is not at all welcomed by his father, Mr. Hobbs.
Elf 211 Elf 260
Buddy is employed as a department store elf at Macy's, but that doesn't go too well either . . .  . . . until he meets Jovi; however, recently arrived from California, she finds his innocence off-putting.
Elf 298 Elf 340
Buddy inspires the holiday spirit in everyone at Macy's with “Sparklejollytwinklejingley.” But then he creates havoc by exposing the Macy's Santa as a fake.
Elf 392 Elf 536
At the Hobbs home, Buddy helps with a science project, while Michael writes to Santa that all he wants is an afternoon with his workaholic father.  “If you arrange that, Santa,” he writes, “I’ll Believe In You.” In Rockefeller Plaza with Jovi, Buddy leads New Yorkers in “A Christmas Song.”
Elf 567 Elf 642
Back at Greenway Press, staffers brainstorm ideas for the new Christmas book demanded by Mr. Greenway. In Central Park, Jovi has been stood up for her date with Buddy, and she warns, “Never Fall In Love (With An Elf).”
Elf 675 Elf 740
Michael looks out and sees Santa fly by in his sleigh.  He and his mother sing, “There Is a Santa Claus.” Mr. Greenway arrives to hear the new story idea, but Mr. Hobbs is empty handed.  Buddy arrives and tells “The Story of Buddy,” about a human boy who is raised as an elf.
Elf 817 Elf 885
Greenway likes the story but wants to make it about Buddy the horse and have the staff work through Christmas getting out the new publication.  Mr. Hobbs quits saying he'd rather spend Christmas with his family. Santa's sleigh crash lands in Central Park.  Buddy saves the day by reminding everyone of the true spirit of Christmas.  Snow begins to fall to make a white Christmas.
Elf 922 Elf 932
Jovi realizes that Buddy is quite a special person. All reprise “A Christmas Song.”


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