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Go on for him.

George: "But what do you mean, 'Go on for him'?"

Stop that.

Meg: "George, stop that. Go into the dressing room to change."

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

George Spelvin (Bruce Jones)

Meg (Linda Watkins)

Sarah Siddons (Ruth Borovicka)

Dame Ellen Terry (Hayley Van Meter)

Henry Irving (Joe Balding)

Cheap music. Maid assists.
Sarah as Amanda: "Extraordinary how potent cheap music is." Meg comes on stage and whispers his line to George.
Good line. Help again.
George as Elyot delivers the line and is starting to enjoy himself. But he soon needs more help from the "maid."
Sibyl Choose
Dame Ellen enters as Sibyl, Elyot's bride. Sibyl demands that Elyot choose between them. He wonders where the maid has gone, and both women scold him.
Horatio Gertrude
Henry enters as Horatio and tells of the sighting of the ghost of Hamlet's deceased father. Sarah returns dressed as Queen Gertrude: "O Hamlet, speak no more."
Pledge Contrition
George is left alone and attempts to entertain the audience with everything he has ever memorized, including the Pledge of Allegiance . . . . . . the Act of Contrition, and the Alphabet Song.
Cans All Seasons
Dame Ellen reenters with garbage cans and plays a Beckett character. She addresses George as "Willy." With Sarah's reentry as Lady Alice and Meg as Lady Margaret, the play shifts to A Man for All Seasons. George now is Sir Thomas More.
Executioner Axe
Henry now plays the Executioner: "Sir Thomas More, you have been found guilty of the charge of High Treason." George resists, but eventually speaks his final lines, "Friend, be not afraid of your office. . . . You send me to God."


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