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The stagehands clear the stage for the final dress rehearsal—and sweep the dust into the orchestra pit.

Let's get started!
Director: "All right! Let's get this show on the road!"

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Director (Pat Elisar)

Stage Manager (Cecilia Rinaldi)

First Stagehand (Sam Witmer)

Second Stagehand (Andrew McGlaughlin)

Prompter (Sue Elser)

Utility Girl (Sandy Russell)

Stepmother (Amy King)

Messenger Girl (Hayley Van Meter)

Elder Sister (Tanyah Stone)

Younger Sister (Ryan Gilliom)

Fairy Godmother (Sylvia Abbott)

Cinderella (Annmarie Steffes)

Authoress (Robin Barnes)

Stage Manager Technical Crew
Director: "Get it?" Stage Manager: "Got it!" Director: "Good!" The Director whips the technical crew into shape: the Stagehands, Utility Girl, and Prompter
Utility GirlPrompter Author
The Utility Girl [left] is in charge of sound effects, wardrobe, props, and make-up. Meanwhile, the Prompter would rather play a role, even the Prince ("I could have a deep voice."). The Author [right] comes on stage and inspires the actors with "just a very few words."
Staircase Lazy
The Author is not pleased that the "long, winding, sweeping staircase for Cinderella's grand entrance to the ball" has been downsized to the few steps on which the Stagehands are sitting. The rehearsal finally gets under way. The Stepmother tells Cinderella, "Get to work, you lazy loafer." (The Utility Girl hasn't yet mastered nose putty.)
Stepsisters Tea
The Stepsisters return from a shopping expedition. The Stepmother and Stepsisters criticize the tea that Cinderella has brought them.
Invitation Can I go?
Having survived a backstage cycling accident, the Messenger Girl delivers an invitation from the King to attend a ball in honor of the Prince's birthday. Cinderella: "Dear stepmother and dear stepsisters. Please, oh please, won't you let me borrow a dress and go to the Prince's birthday party?"
Never Coaching
Stepsisters and Stepmother: "Never!" While the Fairy Godmother searches for her lost wand, the Author comes back on stage to coach Cinderella in the Stanislavski method: "Pretend you're a caterpillar."
Caterpillar Godmother
Cinderella tries being a caterpillar. Cinderella: "Oh my God, Mother!" Fairy Godmother: "I came to ask if you want to go to the Prince's birthday party . . . because you've been such a dandy little girl."
Magic Notes
Fair Godmother: "Through the power of my magic wand, I'll change you from a ragamuffin to a charming, charming, beautiful, beautiful, girl, girl." Director: "It looked as if it was the first time you rehearsed it." Cinderella: "But you'll have to admit that's the best we've done so far."
Curtain Call Prompter Curtain Call
Curtain call practice—facing away from the house. As the curtains close, the Prompter runs out and takes her own bows.


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