First Things First

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Sarah:  So when I turned to come out of the cupboard . . .  
Pete:  I tripped over the Hoover.


Margot makes sure that Pete can't hear her advice to her daughter.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Sarah (Heidi Wilhelm)

Pete (Chris MacNeal)

Margot (Celeste Parsons)

George (Ken Bowald)

Jessica (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Alan (Leslie Heskett)

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Margot:  Go to Isobel's party.  We will return home early — and catch him in flagrante. George tells Pete that Pete's deceased former wife, Jessica, is still alive, and is visiting tonight.
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Jessica:  You'll soon get used to the idea of having me home again. Caught in flagrante, Pete and George try to explain Jessica's presence.
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Pete decides to fend off Jessica by sending her off to George's house. In desparation, Pete tells Margo that Jessica is George's wife.
Discussing George and Jessica's marriage, Sara asks, “You mean they're newlyweds?” Sarah:  I couldn't possibly be married to George, because I'm married to Pete.
Alan arrives from France.  Jessica:  Alan!  What the hell are you doing here? Jessica reveals that she was:  Not falling off a mountain.  Falling in love on a mountain.
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After talking it over, Sara and Jessica announce their decision:  Neither wants to be Pete's wife.  Jessica will go back to France with Alan. Pete:  Come along George!  We'd better carry her upstairs so she can have a lie-down.


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