Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Big 8, an ex-rodeo rider possessed of the healing touch, and Rob Bob, an injured cowboy recovering under her care, have a midnight discussion on the glory days of rodeo. When Rob Bob mentions her rodeo retirement age, Big 8 warns, “Don't never say that number.”


A knock at the door reveals Shedevil, soaking wet and looking for Big 8's son, Lucifer Lee, by whom she claims to be pregnant.

  • The Cast
  • (order of speaking)

Big 8 (Kate Enger)

Rob Bob Silverado (Jackson Savage)

Shedevil (Angela Blair)

Shirl Bitahatcher (Carol Ault)

Black Dog (Terrence Smith)

Baxter Blue (Chad Kopenski)

Memphis Donnie Pride (Bob Rymer)


220 239
Big 8 sews up a gash in Shedevil's scalp while Rob Bob keeps her immobilized. Can Shedevil spend the night? Big 8 is hesitant; Rob Bob urges her to be welcoming – according to the cowboy code.
287 343
“Jesus, you made my cross too big,” declares Big 8 after sister Shirl takes a bite of a neighbor's severed “finger” – a Vienna sausage. Shedevil looks for money while Big 8 is out of the house, and discovers her box of sterling silver championship belt buckles (gifts from grateful, healed rodeo cowboys).
400 474
Rob Bob, who has been sleeping, catches Shedevil in the act, but then tells Shedevil that it's Love at First Sight. After a loving interlude, Rob Bob explains how he sees the world through the lens of classic Western movies.
546 608
“Sonofagunofabitch!”  Big 8 is not happy with the developing relationship. After Shedevil warns of approaching doom, Big 8 stands her ground:   “Ain't nobody, no-body, settin' foot in here with hostile intent.”
643 650
Black Dog, a Ukrainian biker from whom Shedevil had taken $9,000 in drug money, arrives looking for revenge. As the man of the house, Rob Bob confronts Black Dog who simply tosses him aside.
659 753
Rob Bob calls out Black Dog for a classic shoot-out and empties his pistol. But Black Dog, revives and demands a beer.
899 955
Hand-to-hand combat eventually ends when Rob Bob uses Black Dog's own knife on him. Big 8, Rob Bob, and Shedevil hide Black Dog's body in the broom closet.
1029 1117
Baxter Blue, local deputy sheriff and Shirl's boyfriend, arrives for his monthly proposal of marriage to Shirl. As Baxter declares his intentions, the others desperately clean up traces of Black Dog's demise.
1196 1302
The unstoppable Black Dog emerges from the closet, and this time it is Baxter who guns him down. To prevent Baxter from being branded a rogue lawman for killing an unarmed man, Shirl puts to work her professional experience at the local slaughterhouse.
1465 1495
Baxter finds the gruesome proceedings unexpectedly arousing. Rob Bob and Shedevil ride off into the sunset; Shirl is anticipating happy times with Baxter, but Big 8 is left alone — until Memphis Donnie Pride, newly-injured roper, arrives seeking her healing touch.


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