Funny Girl
Kick Line
Fanny and Nick
Tawna Rogers as Fanny Brice and Joe Balding as Nick Arnstein
  • The Cast
  • (Principals: order of appearance)

Fanny Brice (Tawna Rogers)

Nick Arnstein (Joe Balding)

Eddie Ryan (Steve Haskins)

Jewel Cavinee (Mrs. Brice)

Mrs. Strakosh (Linda Watkins)

Florenz Ziegfield (Marvin Bowman)

  • (Supporting Cast: alphabetical order)

Emma (Sylvia Abbott)

Tap Dancer on Henry St. (Sarah Bailey)

Bubbles, Cathy (Jeanie Carter)

Polly, Patty (Patty Coon)

Greta, Mrs. Vance, Woman at ticket window (Marti Dolata)

Benjie, Porter, Stage Hand, Worker #2 (Greg Gill)

Paul, The Ziegfeld Tenor, Worker #3 (Luke Hall)

Mrs. O'Malley (Karen Hughes)

Heckie, John, Stage Manager (Paul "Jake" Jacobson)

Mrs. Meeker (Lisa Keeney)

Young Girl (Rachel Luce)

Mrs. Davis, Ticket Seller (Heidi Mender)

Christy, Vera (Christine Neumann)

Announcer, Stage Hand, Train Announcer (Will North)

Tap Dancer on Henry St. (Misty Perry)

Dancer (Cassey Pitts)

Dancer (Lacey Pitts)

Maude and Mimsey (Ginny Puhl)

Lottie, Jenny (Jennifer Radcliffe)

Actress, Girl Piano Player, Mrs. Winston (Connie Roberts)

Young Girl (Kelly Rogers)

Dancer (Mindy Seymour)

Young Girl (Emily Simpkins)

Mr. Keeny (Terrence Smith)

Mr. Renaldi, Worker #1 (David Whealey)

Station Wedding
At the Station Wedding Production


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