Hansel and Gretel

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Mother Margaretha has only a bucket of milk to prepare for Christmas dinner.


To keep warm, Gretel teaches Hansel to dance.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Mother “Margaretha” (Kaylla Steadman)

Gretel (Sydni Roell)

Hansel (Hannah Bruckner)

Father “Johann” (Nathan Hashman)

Sandman (Linda Watkins)

Dew Fairy (Andrea Thompson)

Witch (Jodi MacNeal)

Head Gingerbread Child (Lizzy Bogoniewski)

Gingerbread Child (Fox Thompson)

Gingerbread Child, Gretel understudy (Grace Chambers)

Gingerbread Child, Hansel understudy (Ayla Snyder)

Gingerbread Child (Irie Green)

Gingerbread Child (Tatum L'Heureux)

H&G-15 H&G-43
Hansel's enthusiastic dancing causes him to upset the milk pail. After Margaretha sends the children out to find firewood, Father Johann returns from the Christmas fair with a sack of groceries he bought after selling his brooms.
H&G-89 H&G-94
Hansel and Gretel get lost in the deep woods, and become frightened. As it gets darker, the Sandman appears and sprinkles sand in the children's eyes . . .
H&G-105 H&G-117
. . . to help them go to sleep. Hansel and Gretel say their prayers . . .
H&G-120 H&G-127
. . .and settle down to sleep. In the morning, the Dew Fairy wakes the children.
H&G-144 H&G-148
In a clearing, Hansel and Gretel find a gingerbread house with a gingerbread cookie fence, and nibble on broken-off bits. The house belongs to a strange old woman.
H&G-175 H&G-180
She offers the children all sorts of sweet treats. Hansel is tempted, but Gretel is cautious. The children try to leave, but the old woman—really a witch—commands, “Hocus, pocus, bonus jocus—feet be still!”
H&G-187 H&G-196
The witch has tied Hansel to a ring on the side of her house, and the children try unsuccessfully to free him. Gretel must help the witch feed the fire in her oven.
H&G-199 H&G-208
Meanwhile, Hansel tries not to eat the cookies the witch has given him. Gretel tricks the witch into bending down and shoves her into the oven prepared for Hansel.
H&G-211 H&G-214
The witch is dead, and the gingerbread cookies are revealed as village children—but their eyes are all closed. Gretel touches each with the witch's staff, and the children return to life.
H&G-218 H&G-224
There is a joyous reunion. Margaretha and Johann arrive.
H&G-245 H&G-252
Everyone is happy but the witch, who has been baked into a gingerbread cookie herself. Curtain call.


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