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Elwood holds the door as the cast honors Harvey.

Elwood Phones
Elwood P. Dowd answers the phone.
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Miss Tewksbury (Peg McDargh)

Miss Tewksbury's Accompanist (Peg McDargh)

Myrtle Mae Simmons (Heidi Wilhelm)

Veta Louise Simmons (Celeste Parsons)

Elwood P. Dowd (Dean Barker)

Harvey (Himself)

Miss Johnson (Lou Ann Jones)

Senior Enrique Corona (Enrico Tan)

Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet (Ruth Borovicka)

Ruth Kelly, R.N. (Shelly Riggs)

Duane Wilson (Joe Balding)

Lyman Sanderson, M.D. (Bruce Jones)

William R. Chumley (David Bower)

Betty Chumley (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Judge Omar Gaffney (Neal Nesbitt)

E. J. Lofgren (Roland Swardson)

Family Portrait
Myrtle Mae gestures toward the portrait of Marcella Pinney Dowd. Veta scolds Myrtle Mae: "You said that name!"
Happy? Disturbed
Mrs. Chauvenet asks, "Is Elwood happy?" But her encounter with Harvey is disturbing.
Offer Registration
Elwood awaits Veta with Jane Austin and Harvey. With Veta's help, Nurse Kelly fills out the admission form at Chumley's Rest.
Really Wonderful Tired
Nurse Kelly's professional opinion of Dr. Sanderson is that he is "Really Wonderful!" Dr. Sanderson decides that Veta is really the one who should be committed.
Fixes Everything She's Whacky
Sanderson discovers that Kelly admitted Elwood instead of Veta: "Oh, well then, if you're sorry, that fixes everything." Wilson tells Kelly how he caught Veta: "Shoulda heard her yell! She's whacky, all right."
Old Number Two Holes
Elwood advises Kelly not to call his old number, which is on his card along with the new one. After Elwood's departure, Dr. Chumley shows Kelly the two holes in the hat left behind in the office.
Un Bel Di Calling
Betty Chumley passes the time by singing a Puccini aria while waiting for Dr. Chumley. Chumley calls Judge Gaffney while Sanderson calls the main gate.
Tore My Clothes Water Under the Dam
Veta tells Judge Gaffney and Myrtle Mae about her treatment at Chumley's Rest, "He took me upstairs and tore my clothes off." Wilson and Gaffney listen as Chumley tells them that mistakenly admitting Veta is just "Water under the dam."
Something Else Portrait
In a moment alone with Myrtle Mae, Wilson tells her, "You not only got a nice build--but, kid, you got something else, too." Elwood admires the portrait of Harvey and himself that he has set up on the mantlepiece.
Psychiatry Interrogation
Kelly tells Sanderson, "Don't you use any of your psychiatry on me." Sanderson and Kelly look on as Wilson tries to get Elwood to tell where Chumley is.
Bigger Hell
Elwood explains that, to people they meet in bars, Harvey "is bigger and grander than anything they offer me. When they leave, they leave impressed." Chumley learns from Gaffney that Veta got Harvey to leave by saying, "To Hell with you."
Last Fling Now
Harvey can satisfy Chumley's fantasy of a "last fling" in Akron. E. J. Lofgren tells Veta that he wants the $2.75 cab fare "Now."
Done A Lot Consultation
Elwood comforts Veta and explains to Chumley, "She's done a lot today." Director Norm Cohn and Enrico Tan consult before a dress rehearsal.


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