Is There Life After High School?

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



He's there again.  There's a kid inside.


Imagine me sifting through trash at three a.m. for my old girlfriend's picture, and my wife asking me what I'm doing.

  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Sylvia Abbott

Joe Balding

Jenn Fritchley

Rob Goeller

Nathan Hashman

Jodi MacNeal

Christine Neumann

Ginny Puhl

Andrea Thompson

Charlie Smith

Linda Watkins

Heidi Wilhelm


HS138 HS201
If I only was half as good in high school as I am in my second thoughts . . . . There was one time during a track meet when there were about six guys out in front of me and somebody in the crowd called out my name.
HS2 HS296
My first punch is a beauty.  Whammo! Eddie opened his eyes and I could see he was okay.  I mean, thank God.  I coulda killed him.
HS331 HS370
My American Problems teacher hands out these test booklets, and I look at the cover and someone has drawn obscene pictures all over it. I believed that people who violate the dress code were born troublemakers and deserved whatever punishment they got.
HS374 HS3
He said if we both wanted to, it couldn't be wrong. Open a can and chug-a-lug-a-lug away.
HS507 HS544
How can I feel my life is real when half of the time, I do it for them? I demand an apology from every single person in my class for not recognizing what a great person I was.
HS591 HS603
The kids all threw confetti, and I feel like I still have some in my hair. There's nothin' like a big brass band.
HS689 HS735
We came out and did “Who's got the muscle?” sixteen times.  I mean, we were almost dead at the end. Johnny DeBernardis was a pain in the ass.
At the reunion, it's high school, all over again. The old fun and games.

We're the kids from Carey High.  We never put out, and we never get high!

HS7 HS867
Jeez, you used to be something y'know?  You really used to be something. Say hi to your sister for me.  And get him out on the dance floor sometime, okay?
HS919 HS943
So we talk 'til we laugh, and we laugh 'til we cry.  And we go on and on, my girl friend and I. Just wanted to tell him what I think of him.  NOTHING!  That's what I think!  Nothing!
HS957 HS967
I had this great crush on you junior year, and you couldn't've ever said more than three words to me. You'd've hated me in high school.  I'm glad you weren't there.


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