Into the Woods
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

The Baker (Chris Coleman)

The Baker's Wife (Alexis Kozlowski)

Cinderella (Chanda Calentine)

The Witch (Linda Watkins)

Jack (Tyler Rammage)

Little Red Riding Hood (Ginger Collins)

Cinderella's Prince (Joe Balding)

Cinderella's Stepmother (Celeste Parsons)

Florinda (Tawna Rogers)

Lucinda (Denise Fitzpatrick)

The Narrator (Norm Cohn)

Mysterious Man, Cinderella's Father (Terrence Smith)

Rapunzel (Alexis Chancellor)

Jack's Mother (Christine Neumann)

Rapunzel's Prince (Kevin Smyth)

Granny, Giant (Sylvia Abbott)

The Wolf (Jim Magnussun)

Cinderella's Mother (the tree) (Amanda Bosley)

The Steward (Heidi Mender)

Fairies (Maggie Selender, Nicki Mazzocca, Kelly Rogers)


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