Kiss Me, Kate

Photos byJeff and Heather Morris

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  • The Cast
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Lilli Vanessi/Kate (Chrissy Barkhurst-McKinney)

Fred Graham/Petruchio (Esteban Vazquez)

Lois Lane/Bianca (Samantha White)

Bill/Lucentio (Devanté Brown)


Ensemble:  Joe Balding, Caleb Bryant, Jenn Fritchley, Allie Harmon, Jeremy Hayes, Katie Herron, Zoie Lanning, Sydney Lewis, Dan Maccabee, Abram Maccabee, Seth Mendel, Megan Molnar, Christine Neumann, Celeste Parsons, Chiara Ridpath, Sandra Russell, Jaelyn Sayers, Ronni Smith, Terrence J. Smith




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