Li'l Abner

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

Scragg Family Band

The Scragg Family Band waits for the next cue.

Daisy Mae and Abner
Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner

Mayor Dawgmeat

Mayor Dawgmeat makes a point at a town meeting. (Photo by Joel Prince)

  • The Cast

  • (order of appearance)

Li'l Abner (Aaron Elsaesser)

Daisy Mae (Emily Maluski)

Mammy Yokum (Linda Watkins)

Romeo Scragg (Sandy Russell)

Earthquake McGoon (David Whealey)

Pappy Yokum (Charlie Smith)

Moonbeam McSwine (Quenna Stewart)

Marryin' Sam (Joe Balding)

Mayor Dawgmeat (Neal Nesbitt)

Sen. Jack S. Phogbound (Bruce Jones)

Dr. Finsdale (Sam Witmer)

Scientists (Valerie Schrader, Alison Bartlett, Jane Adams, Quenna Stewart)

Softwicke (Chaz Canter)

Abner’s Fishing Cronies (Colin Hull, Chaz Canter, Dan Yeatts, B. J. Heidlebaugh, Sam Witmer)

State Department Man (B. J. Heidlebaugh)

Gen. Bullmoose (Dean Barker)

Available Jones (Chris Neumann)

Scarlett (Mackenzie Perry)

Crimson (Courtney Hull)

Speedy McRabbit (Chaz Canter)

Colonel (Roger Springer)

Appassionata Von Climax (Dianna Jarvis)

Creighton (Dan Yeatts)

Evil Eye Fleagle (Sam Witmer)

Secretaries (Valerie Schrader, Alison Bartlett, Jane Adams)

Stupefyin' Jones (Valerie Schrader)

Dogpatch Wives (Suzanne Ragg, Jane Adams, Valerie Schrader, Alison Bartlett)

Nothing necessary Speedy Stupified
Dr. Finsdale finds nothing necessary in Dogpatch. Speedy is stupified by Stupifyin' Jones.
Abner's Muscles Trapped it
Li'l Abner's muscles result from taking his Mammy's Yokumberry Tonic. Gen. Bullmoose and his secretarial staff listen as Appassionata Von Climax explains to Abner, "I kinda trapped it."
Corruption Sen. Phogbound
Gen. Bullmoose tries to corrupt Abner with money. Senator Jack S. Phogbound has already been bought.
Fleagle Choreographer and Director
Evil Eye Fleagle promises that he can stun Li'l Abner with a Whammy so Appassionata can catch him. The choreographer and the director have a consultation.
Men prepare Women prepare
During rehearsal, the choreographer reads for a missing cast member while the Dogpatch women prepare for the Sadie Hawkins Day Race. The men also prepare as best they can.
Rehearsing Assistance
Daisy Mae coaches Li'l Abner in how to let her catch him in the race. Daisy Mae asks Available Jones for extra help catching Li'l Abner.
Caught Whammied
Another hapless bachelor is caught Earthquake McGoon keeps Daisy Mae from catching Li'l Abner as Evil Eye Fleagle puts the Whammy on Abner.
XXXX Past my prime
The government scientists are thrilled with the promise of Yokumberry Tonic. With Abner claimed by Appassionata, Daisy Mae laments "I'm past my prime" to Marryin' Sam
Proposal Progress
Earthquake McGoon promises to do anything Daisy Mae asks if she will marry him. Gen. Bullmoose complains that "Progress Is the Root of All Evil."
Hero McGoon Built
Earthquake McGoon's quick thinking deflects Fleagle's Truth Whammy and turns the tables on Bullmoose. The Dogpatch ladies like the looks of their reconditioned husbands, but there's one big problem . . .
Please Put 'em back
. . . and the Dogpatch wives ask Dr. Finsdale to . . . "Put 'em back the way they was."
Romeo Tonic
Romeo Scragg looks on approvingly as Earthquake and Daisy Mae approach the marriage altar. Mammy smiles as Pappy Yokum administers his special romance tonic to Li'l Abner.
Shrine Saved
As the men prepare to haul the Gen. Jubilation T. Cornpone statue out of town, they make a discovery that saves Dogpatch from nuclear annihilation. Marryin' Sam leads the whole town in praise of Gen. Cornpone.


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