Nellie conducts the orchestra.

Behind the Scenes

Photos by Chan, Fischer, & Parsons

The Crew

Sue, Lou Ann, and Vera pose after another good show.

  • The Production Staff

Director (Celeste Parsons)
Musical Director (Nellie Werger)
Choreographers (Carol Ault, Joe Balding)
Rehearsal Accompanist (Amy Abercrombie)
Costumes (Patty Witmer)
Set Designer (Celeste Parsons)
Production Manager (Jim Parsons)
Lighting Designer (David Bower)
Stage Director (Lou Ann Jones)
Lights & Sound (David Bower)
Props (Vera Bauluz)
Stage Hand (Sue Elser)
Keyboard (Amy Abercrombie)
Keyboard 2 (Metra Peterson)
Woodwinds (Bruce Ergood)

Costumer Costumes
Patty takes a break from creating our wonderful costumes . . . . . . like Princess Winnifred's dress (with trailing moatweed) and Queen Aggravaine's power gown.
Hypnotic Mirror Panels
Celeste gives the hypnotic mirror a test spin. Jim paints a "banner" panel.
Unpainted Barbell Painted Barbell
The barbell weights are foam sandwiched between plywood panels. When painted, they look quite heavy!
The Bed Mattress
Queen Aggravaine inspects the bed's twenty mattresses. Celeste sews another mile of mattress tubes before stuffing them with thousands of plastic bags.
Props Lights
Vera has the props ready to go. David controls the mood from the lighting booth.
Dancers Dancing
The choreographers kept the dancing interesting . . . . . . and exciting.

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