Once upon a Mattress

Photos by Chan & Fischer

"Many Moons Ago"
  • The Cast
  • (left to right, front row, back row)

Lady Mabelle (Doreen Rinehart)

Lady Merrill, Nightingale of Samarkand (Tanya Stone)

Princess Winnifred (Molly Jo Stanley)

Prince Dauntless (Joe Balding)

Lady Larkin (Annah Abetti)

Sir Harry (Tom Schmitz)

Princess 12, Lady Beatrice (Becca Farley)

Lady Rowena (Sylvia Abbott)

Emily (Emily Tompkins)

Sir Studley (Sam Witmer)

Lady Elspeth (Sandra Russell)

The Wizard (Bruce Jones)

Queen Aggravaine (Cecilia Rinaldi)

King Sextimus (Dean Barker)

The Jester (Stephanie Hunter)

The Minstrel (Chris Neumann)

Sir Luce (Neal Nesbitt)

Opening Stage Right Opening Stage Left
"Opening for a Princess" (stage right) "Opening for a Princess" (stage left)
In a Little While Shy
"In a Little While" "Shy"
The Minstrel, the Jester, and I Sensitivity
"The Minstrel, the Jester, and I" "Sensitivity"
The Swamps of Home Normandy
"The Swamps of Home" "Normandy"
Spanish Panic Song of Love
"Spanish Panic" "Song of Love"
Quiet Time Happily Ever After
"Quiet Round" "Happily Ever After"
Man to Man Talk Very Soft Shoes
"Man to Man Talk" "Very Soft Shoes"
Yesterday I Loved You Nightingale Lullaby
"Yesterday I Loved You" "Nightingale Lullaby"
Finale Curtain Call
"Finale" Curtain Call:  Thank you, orchestra!

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