Messiah on the Frigidaire

Photos by J. Jack Chan


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Curtain Call
Curtain call.
  • The Cast
  • (left-to-right in picture)

Larry Williamson (Joe Balding)

Rev. Cecil Hodges (Bruce Jones)

Betsy Gridley (Karen Chan)

Lou Anne Hightower (Heidi Wilhelm)

Dwayne Hightower (Richard Corey Franklin)

Boy (Chaz Canter)

Woman (Sylvia Abbott)

Stranger (Ken Bowald)

Overjoyed Sour enough
Betsy tells Lou Anne, "I'm happy. I'm downright overjoyed. Now let's just change the subject." Rev. Hodges shares a little joke with Betsy and Lou Anne: "My wife says I'm sour enough already."
Right here Go now
Lou Anne: ". . . last night we saw the image of Jesus right here on the front of this refrigerator." Betsy (channeling "Regina Gomez" while Larry and Rev. Hodges listen): "Yes, go to the video rental store, go now."
Little lights By asking
Betsy and Lou Anne share a quiet moment: "They seem so quiet and peaceful when it's dark. All those little lights scattered all over the place." The Woman prays as she and the blind Boy touch the refrigerator: "Oh Lord, we know by asking we have received."
Who are you? Do better
Lou Ann confides in the Stranger: "I'm not sure about my marriage. I'm not sure about my faith. I don't really know why all this happened." Dwayne comforts Lou Anne, "The roots are good and strong. They can take it."
Raffle ticket Director
Lou Anne reminds Dwayne, "I'm the one who bought the raffle ticket." Director Celeste loves this play and this cast.
Lights Supervision
Carol works the lighting magic. Jim and Celeste "supervise" while Heidi and Corey add legs to the inside-the-trailer platform.
Bracing Sawing vinyl
Dean wisely adds a temporary brace, while Joe and Celeste try to keep the whole set from falling down. Bruce and Celeste do a fancy cut in the vinyl siding.


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