The Man Who Came to Dinner

by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Curtain Call
I may vomit.
1. Maggie, Miss Preen, Sarah, John, Dr. Bradley, June Stanley, Mrs. Stanley, and Mr. Stanley welcome Sheriden Whiteside to the Stanley home. Whiteside: "I may vomit."
Drop Everything
2. Dr. Bradley asks Whiteside to review his manuscript: The Story of an Humble Practitioner or Forty Years an Ohio Doctor. Whiteside: "I shall drop everything."
  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Mrs. Daisy Stanley (Carol Ault)

Beverly Carlton (Joe Balding)

Sheridan Whiteside (Dean Barker)

Bert Jefferson (Ken Bowald)

Dr. Bradley (David Bower)

June Stanley (Katie Chaney)

Maggie Cutler (Tracy Corrigan)

Lorraine Sheldon (Jennifer Edwards)

Mr. Ernest W. Stanley (Steve Haskins)

Banjo (Bruce Jones)

Radio Technician (Lou Ann Jones)

Expressman, Radio Technician (Neal Nesbitt)

Miss Preen (Celeste Parsons)

Deputy, Plainclothesman (Jim Parsons)

Westcott (David Peffer)

Professor Metz (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Deputy (Rusty Rittenhouse)

Sarah, Harriet Stanley (Tawna Rogers)

Sandy (Joshua Steele)

John (Roland Swardson)

Expressman (Enrico Tan)

Richard Stanley (Sam Witmer)

Metz Roaches
3. Professor Metz gives Whiteside a get well present, Roach City with 10,000 cockroaches, "With these earphones, Sherry, you listen to the mating calls." Whiteside: "How long has this been going on?"
Ambrosia! Mementos of the Past
4. John looks on as Sarah treats Whiteside to one of her pastries, "I put a touch of apple brandy in the dough. Do you like it?" Whiteside: "Ambrosia!" 5. Harriet shows Whiteside her photo album, "Dear Mr. Whiteside, may I show you a few mementoes of the past?" Whiteside: "I'd be delighted."
Stop Pawing Penguins
6. Mrs. Stanley tries to calm her husband as he confronts Whiteside with an outrageous phone bill. Mr. Stanley: "Stop pawing me, Daisy." 7. John ushers in two Expressmen with a crate of live penguins from one of Whiteside's famous acquaintances. John: "To be fed only whale blubber, eels, and cracked lobster."
Camera Hound Marry him tonight.
8. Whiteside advises Richard about his photography hobby: "You ought to get out of here and do some of the things you were telling me about. Just get on a boat and get off wherever it stops." 9. June introduces Sandy to Whiteside. Whiteside: "Marry him tonight, June."
Lord Bottomly Female Drooling
10. Beverly Carlton entertains Whiteside and Maggie with his impersonation of Lord Bottomly. Carlton: "Only s-s-ix partridges, f-f-four grouse and the D-D-Duke of Sutherland. Haw, haw." 11. Whiteside to Maggie and Lorraine: "Will you both stop this female drooling? I have a violent headache."
Christmas Broadcast
12. The Christmas broadcast. Westcott presides, Sarah and John listen to the radio, Dr. Bradley attends. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley seethe. Lorraine Sheldon lounges. Radio technicians adjust equipment. Bert Jefferson watches. Whiteside: "On this eve of eves, when my own heart is overflowing with peace and kindness . . . ."
Wonderful Banjo and Miss Preen
13. Maggie can't watch as Dr. Bradley helps get the drunken Bert Jefferson out of the house. Bert: "Isn't it wonderful?" 14. Banjo sweeps in, carrying Miss Preen. Banjo: "Will you sign for this package?"
Dust to dust. There's service for you.
15. Whiteside and Banjo lure Lorraine into the mummy case. Lorraine: "Dust thou art, and dust to dust." 16. Case closed! Banjo: "There's service for you!"
He's Back!
17. Maggie, Mr. Stanley, Sarah, and John look on as Dr. Bradley and Bert carry Sheridan Whiteside back into the Stanley home. June and Richard attempt to revive Mrs. Stanley.
18. A final look at this fabulous Steve Haskins set, complete with pocket doors opening into the library and the dining room that the audience can see into. Even the coat closet is functional.


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