Never Too Late

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Dr. Kimbrough checks Harry's pulse as Grace Kimbrough and Edith look on. Harry is in great shape.

Announcement Edith announces "I'm going to have a baby."
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Harry Lambert (Joe Balding)

James Kimbrough (Dean Barker)

Grace Kimbrough (Miki Brooks)

Edith Lambert (Lisa Keeney)

Charlie Clinton (Wes Allen)

Kate Clinton (Hayley Van Meter)

Mayor Crane (Bruce Jones)

Mr. Foley (Neal Nesbitt)

Voice of Oscar (Paul Rohrer)

Policeman (Paul Rohrer)

Reaction Checkbook
Not everyone is happy about the news. Edith discovers that the family is well off.
Contractor Fixtures
Mr. Foley discusses the plans for the nursery with Edith. Harry comes home and finds plumbing fixtures in his front yard where all the neighbors can see them.
Illustrations Tub Fits
Harry is horrified to see that the From Here to Maturnity book Grace has brought Edith as a gift is illustrated! Charlie confirms that the baby's tub is big enough for an adult.
Rose Haw Haw
Mayor Crane presents Edith with a rose from his garden. But he has a big laugh at Harry's expense.
Seduction Revolt
Kate attempts to seduce her husband, Charlie. Kate and Edith discuss their men.
Go To Hell Buddies
Edith tells Harry, "Go to Hell!" Charlie and Harry return from an evening of drinking.
Cops Potty Joke
The police respond to complaints from the neighbors. Harry and Charlie prepare to present the Crane Award to the Mayor.
Complaint Note
Mayor Crane delivers his complaint in person. Harry, Kate, and Charlie discover the note Edith has left.
Mayor Returns Confession
Mayor Crane returns to express his anger to Harry. Charlie "confesses" that he is responsible for everything that has angered the Mayor.
Edith Returns Happy Ending
Edith returns home. Happy ending!
Curtain Call  
During rehearsal, the cast works on the curtain call bow.  


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