The Odd Couple (Female Version)

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Sylvie:  "Jesus, I married a penguin."

Big Men
Olive:  "I like big men in tight pants."
  • The Cast
  • (order of speaking)

Mickey (Alexa Ross)

Sylvie (Marlo Tinkham)

Rene (Ginny Puhl)

Vera (Sylvia Abbott Conover)

Olive Madison (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Florence Ungar (Carol Ault)

Manolo Costazuela (Joe Balding)

Jesus Costazuela (Damiano Cinque)

Two Packs Leave Me Alone
Renee:  "It's not what you think. I got two packs of cigarettes in my pocket." Florence:  "Leave me alone, will you?"
Pills Walk
Mickey:  "A WHOLE BOTTLE?? A WHOLE BOTTLE OF PILLS??" Sylvie:  "Walk her around.  Don't let her go to sleep."
Drink Don't Tell
Olive:  "Drink your brandy." Florence:  "DON'T TELL HIM THAT!  DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO TELL HIM THAT?"
Vacuumed Knuckles
Florence:  "I just vacuumed the rug, try to eat over the dish." Olive:  "Do you feel my breast? Well, it's not good enough . . . I want a bigger hand with knuckles . . . please."
Gorgeous Ladle
Olive:  "Oh, God, it's gorgeous . . . It looks like a Noel Coward Play." Florence:  "You think I went to Elizabeth Arden's today for a leg wax so I could serve COLD CAPON??"
Olive:  "Who tells you to cook?  We could have been at Casa mi Casa watching Flamenco dancers instead of your lousy twirling ladle."
Buenos Dias Gratification
Olive:  "Well, hello there.  Or should I say, 'Buenas Dias'?" Jesus:  "I am filled with much gratification to meet you."
Tomayto Good
Olive:  "She says Toleedo and you say Tolaydo, she says Tomeeto and you say Tomayto." Manolo:  "I do good, Hay-zoos?"
Jesus:  "Berry berry nith."
Dry Sponge
Jesus:  "Jesus will have a very, very, very, dry martini." Olive:  "I'll put a sponge in the glass.  Coming right up."
Bull Unfaithful
Manolo:  "The bull does not cry til the horns touch the sky." Jesus:  "My Consuela was—forgive me—unfaithful.  But today I would forgive her.  Because I loved her so very much."
Consuela Dark
Jesus:  "I will never find another woman like Consuela." Florence:  "I hope everybody likes dark meat."
Burnt Bird Out
Manolo:  "Hmmm . . . Thees ees a berry berry burnt bird."

Florence:  "In other words, you're throwing me out."
Olive:  "Not in other words. Those are the perfect ones."

Bad Big Girls
Manolo:  "You've been a very naughty spouse, Olibia." "Big girls don't cry."
Curtain Call Stage Manager
Curtain Call - STANDING OVATION! Suzanne:  "Sound cue 4, Light cue 25 . . . GO!"
Crew Pizza
The support crew poses for a family photo. Cast and crew enjoy a pizza after strike!


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