Oliver! (Act I)

Photos by Chan

Orphans Left Orphans Right
The Orphans sing "Food, Glorious Food!"

Serving Line
Lining up for gruel.

Serving Staff
Serving staff at the orphanage.

For what you are about to receive, may the Lord make you truly thankful.

Mr. Bumble, Widow Corney, and the Chorus sing "Oliver"

I Shall Scream
Widow Corney promises Mr. Bumble "I Shall Scream"

  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Fagin (Joe Balding)

Mr. Brownlow (Dean Barker)

Orphan (Bailey Barrows)

Nancy (Alison Bartlett)

Widow Corney (Karen Chan)

Rose Seller (Katie Chaney)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Becca Farley)

Mrs. Sowerberry (Julie Stout)

Pauper Assistant/Strawberry Seller (Kathy Gulino)

Mr. Bumble/Adult Chorus (Steve Haskins)

Orphan (Abbey Hobbs)

Orphan (Emily Hobbs)

Charlotte/Milkmaid (Cheryse Hubbard)

Orphan (Courtney Hull)

Dr. Grimwig (Bruce Jones)

Strawberry Seller (Lisa Keeney)

Bet/Adult Chorus (Samantha Leffler)

Artful Dodger (Rachel Luce)

Rose Seller (Christine Neumann)

Old Sally/Milkmaid (Celeste Parsons)

Pauper Assistant/Milkmaid (Ali Purcell)

Old Annie/Knife Grinder (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Knife Grinder (Sandra Russell)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Kelly Schlabach)

Bill Sykes (Tom Schmitz)

Mr. Sowerberry (Charlie Smith)

Charlie Bates/Orphan (Ian Taylor)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Courtney Thomas)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Emily Tompkins)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Laura Tobar)

Orphan/Picketpocket (Liam Tompkins)

Orphan/Picketpocket (James Van Hook)

Mrs. Bedwin (Linda Watkins)

Pauper Assistant/Picketpocket (Andrew Weed)

Watchman/Adult Chorus (David Whealey)

Pauper Ass't/Noah/Picketpocket (Dayton Willison)

Oliver (Sam Witmer)

Please, Sir. I want some . . . more?

Bumble Sips
Mr. Bumble enjoys a cup of Widow Corney's Tea

Boy For Sale That's Your Funeral
Mr. Bumble advertises a "Boy For Sale" Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry tell Mr. Bumble, "That's Your Funeral"
Where Is Love? Meat, Madame
Oliver wonders "Where Is Love?" Meat, Madame. You've fed the boy meat.
Coffin Follower Consider Yourself
Oliver, the coffin follower The Artful Dodger, Oliver, and the Chorus sing "Consider Yourself"
Pick a Pocket or Two Fagin
Fagin tells the Pickpockets to "Pick a Pocket or Two" Fagin at work
Anything Be Back Soon
Bet and Fagin declare, "I'd Do Anything" Fagin instructs the Pickpockets to "Be Back Soon"


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