Oliver! (Act II)

Photos by Chan

Three Orphans

Some Orphans listen to notes during a break in rehearsal

Oom Pah Pah My Name
Nancy sings "Oom Pah Pah" with the gang down at the Three Cripples Bill Sykes boasts that nobody mentions "My Name"
As Long As He Needs Me Where Is Love?
Nancy declares she'll be there "As Long As He Needs Me" At Mr. Brownlow's house, Mrs. Bedwin listens as Oliver reprises "Where Is Love?"
Bedwin, Grimwig, Bedlow Who Will Buy?
Mrs. Bedwin watches as Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig share theories of child development Vendors in the town ask "Who Will Buy?" their strawberries, milk, roses, and cutlery
Reviewing The Situation The Bumbles
Fagin is "Reviewing the Situation" Mr. Bumble complains about married life
Old Sally Mrs. Bumble Did It
Old Sally tells the Bumbles about the gold locket she stole from Oliver's mother Mr. Bumble makes one last point after being dismissed when trying to sell the stolen locket to Mr. Brownlow
Reviewing Again Curtain Calls
A very thoughtful Fagin is again "Reviewing The Situation" Director Sylvia Abbott fine tunes curtain calls


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