See How They Run
Sgt. Towers
  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Corporal Clive Winton (Joe Balding)

Penelope Toop ("Ginger" Collins)

The Rev. Arthur Humphrey (Steve Haskins)

Miss Skillon (Karen Hughes)

Sergeant Towers (Paul "Jake" Jacobson)

Ida (Heidi Mender)

The Reverend Lionel Toop (Charles W. Smith)

The Bishop of Lax (Terrence J. Smith)

The Intruder (David J.Whealey)

Bishop of Lax Miss Skilling and Cpl. Winton
Terrence J. Smith as The Bishop of Lax Karen Hughes as Miss Skillon and Joe Balding as Corporal Clive Winton
Penelope and Sgt. Towers Cpt. Winton
Ginger Collins as Penelope Toop and Paul "Jake" Jacobson as Sergeant Towers Joe Balding as Corporal Clive Winton
Rev. Humphrey Ida
Steve Haskins as The Reverend Arthur Humphrey Heidi Mender as Ida


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