Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Left to right: Chris Aubell - drums, Tom Daniels - bass, Lynn Sullivan - Director & keyboard, Tina Schlabach - flute/piccolo (not in photo: Brandon Wolf - clarinet and Sarah Labovitz - percussion)

Thinks The whole cast joins in as the Cat in the Hat counsels Jojo: "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think."

Horton Hears

. . . meanwhile, in the jungle of Nool, "Horton Hears a Who" in a speck dust.


  • The Cast
  • (order in program)

JoJo (Courtney Hull)

The Cat in the Hat (Charlie Smith)

Horton the Elephant (Joe Balding)

Gertrude McFuzz (Jane Adams)

Mayzie La Bird (Emily Maluski)

The Sour Kangaroo (Rickii Davies)

A Bird Girl (Celeste Parsons)

A Bird Girl (Ginny Puhl)

A Bird Girl (Linda Watkins)

Wickersham 1 (Jenn Fritchley)

Wickersham 2 (Samantha Rice)

Wickersham 3 (Jodi MacNeal)

The Mayor of Whoville (Bruce Jones)

Mrs. Mayor (Sarah Labovitz)

Yertle the Turtle (Andrea Thompson)

General Genghis Khan Schmitz (Neal Nesbitt)

The Grinch (Lynn Hull)

A Citizen of Whoville + (Jocelyn Davies)

A Citizen of Whoville + (Sydney Lewis)

A Citizen of Whoville + (Kyli MacNeal)

A Citizen of Whoville (Jasper Davies)

A Citizen of Whoville (Jonas Davies)

A Citizen of Whoville (Irie Green)

A Citizen of Whoville (Nathan Hashman)

A Citizen of Whoville (Corinne Jones)

A Citizen of Whoville (Kaylla Steadman)

A Citizen of Whoville (Audrey Tompkins)

Fool On Who
The Sour Kangaroo denounces Horton to the other animals in the jungle as the "Biggest Blame Fool." The citizens of Whoville worry about their fate while singing about the home they love: "Here on Who."
Possible How
The Cat encourages Jojo to keep thinking that anything might be true: "It's Possible." But Jojo's parents, the Mayor of Whoville and his wife, are worried about Jojo's wild ideas and have a serious discussion about "How to Raise a Child."
Military Alone
They decide to send Jojo to the military school run by General Gengis Khan Schmitz, here reviewing the troops and singing about "The Military." Jojo is homesick, and Horton feels abandoned by the other animals and is concerned about the people on Who. They sing "Alone in the Universe."
Gertrude Mayzie
Horton's admirer, Gertrude, thinks she is too plain to attrack Horton and tells about "The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz." Gertrude longs to have the beauty and confidence of the flamboyant Mayzie, who makes her entrance singing "Amayzing Mayzie."
Pill Berry Bush Amazing Gertrude

Mayzie tells Gertrude her secret: the pill berry bush. The Cat cautions "only one!" But Gertrude takes the bush and gobbles as many pills as she can.

As a result, Gertrude grows a spectacular tail, and she proudly sings, "Amayzing Gertrude."
Wickershams Vlad
The Wickershams, always out for a little fun, tease Horton and snatch the clover in which he has put the speck of dust on which the Whos live. To continue their fun, they give the clover to Vlad Vladikoff, a heartless, black-bottomed eagle. For Horton, "Chasing the Whos" is hopeless.
Lucky Notice
The eagle eventually drops the clover where the Cat picks it up and sings, "How Lucky You Are," before he tosses it back into the giant field of clover. Gertrude finds Horton searching for his lost clover and tries to get him to see her new splendor, singing "Notice Me, Horton."
Cavorting Nest
The Cat cavorts, excited by how the story is unfolding. Horton discovers Mayzie sitting on an egg. She talks him into taking her place on the nest: "Egg, Nest, and Tree."
Capture Cat
While awaiting Mayzie's return, Horton is captured by hunters and hauled off to a circus. The Cat bears witness to it all.
Circus Palm Beach
Now an attraction in "Circus McGurkus," Horton keeps his promise and faithfully sits on Mayzie's egg. Meanwhile, Mayzie is living it up in Palm Beach.
Solla Solew Whos
Everyone joins in singing about "Solla Solew," a Dr. Seuss heaven where everyone is happy. The Whos prepare to enjoy another Grinchy Christmas.
The Grinch is pleased with "The Whos' Christmas Pageant," which is all about the Grinch. Jojo returns to thoughts of being "Alone in the Universe."
Hunch All For You
The Cat advises Jojo that "Havin' a Hunch" is sometimes a very good thing. After returning to her old shape and conducting a very long search, Gertrude finds Horton and shows him that she has even found his lost clover.
Court Finale
The animals' mistrust of Horton's belief in Whoville finally results in a trial with Yertle the Turtle presiding. The Sour Kangeroo makes the case for the prosecution. Jojo saves the day with a single, very loud word.


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