Seussical JR.

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

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  • The Cast
  • (program order)

Addie McGarry (Yertle the Turtle)

Allie Harmon (Sour Kangaroo)

Allyriane Huq (Mayzie La Bird)

Audrey Grace (Who - Fish - Circus)

Austin Dellinger (Who - The Grinch)

Becca Swanson (Who - Mrs. Mayor)

Ben King (Who - Mr. Mayor)

Brandi Kisor (Who)

Cali Papineau (Who - Fish - Circus)

Cameron Weekley (Wickersham Brother)

Carter Maccabee (JoJo/Boy)

Eden Radcliff (Who - Fish - Circus)

Elena Johnson (Bird Girl)

Eli Herzog (Wickersham Brother)

Ellen Grace (Who)

Erik Dabelko (Wickersham Brother)

Erin McManaway (Who - Circus)

Ethan Cooper (Horton the Elephant)

Fae Maffin (The Cat in the Hat)

Felecia Johnson-Flores (Who)

Harmony Radcliff (Young Kangaroo)

Isidora Diaz (Bird Girl)

Joyzlyn Bew (Who - Hunter - Circus)

Kate Legar (Who - Fish - Circus)

Katie Maccabee (Gertrude McFuzz)

Landis Corrigan (Who - Fish - Circus)

Leah Swatzel (Who - Fish - Circus)

Mia Harmon (Who)

Miguel Santiago-Flores (Wickersham Brother)

Molly Lee (Bird Girl)

Natalie Preston (Who - Hunter - Circus)

Rafael Johnson-Flores (Who)

Sarah McManaway (Who - Circus)

Tatum L'Heureux (Bird Girl)

Tristan Grace (Who)

William Morosko (Vlad Vladikoff)

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