Shrek the Musical

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



The little ogre's parents send him out into the Big Bright Beautiful World.


The Fairy Tale Creatures sing ”Story of My Life.”

  • The Cast
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Shrek (Joe Asente)

Fiona (Jenn Fritchley)

Donkey (Matthew Johnson)

Lord Farquaad (Dayton Willison)

Dragon (Rita Preston)

Pinocchio (Orion Carter)

Gingy (Celeste Parsons)

Sir Walter/Guard (Nathan Hashman)

Fairy Tale Creatures (Sandy Russell, Joe Balding, Linda Watkins, Chris Neumann, Mindy King, Lee Carter, Seth Bogoniewski, Josh Bogoniewski, Jackson Savage, Adeel Koshal, Zoie Lanning, Becca Robinson, Caleb Bryant, Jordan Proffitt, Rita Preston, David Whealey, Jodi McNeal, Sydney Lewis, Riley Maffin, Annie Haseley, Andrea Hashman)

Duloc Dancers (Zoie Lanning, Jackson Savage, Seth Bogoniewski, Josh Bogoniewski, Ben King, Riley Maffin, Jodi McNeal, Sydney Lewis)

Rat Tappers (Lee Carter, Andrea Hashman, Sydney Lewis, Riley Maffin, Jackson Savage, Jodi McNeal, Zoie Lanning, Jordan Proffitt)

Shrek-3 Shrek-4
Life has been disappointing and sometimes scary for all of them. So they aren't afraid of Shrek the Ogre.
Shrek-5 Shrek-6
Shrek defends the talking Donkey from Lord Farquaad's soldiers, who have orders to imprison anyone different. Lord Farquaad tortures Gingy the Gingerbread Man to learn the location of Princess Fiona's tower.
Shrek-7 Shrek-8
Donkey and Shrek arrive in Duloc. The Duloc Dancers sing “What's Up Duloc?”
Shrek-9 Shrek-10
Lord Farquaad sings about how everything is getting bigger in Duloc. Fiona dances with the Rat Tappers and the Pied Piper.
Shrek-11 Shrek-12
Donkey and Shrek break up while describing Farquaad to Fiona. Farquaad describes his unhappy childhood.
The Three Pigs encourage Pinocchio to embrace his "freakiness.".  


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