The Story of the Nutcracker

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


The Stahlbaums receive their guests at their annual Christmas party.

The children are eager to learn what Judge Drosselmeier has brought.
  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order by actor)

Judge Drosselmeier (Joe Balding)

Robert Schmidt, toy soldier (Sofia Biegeleisen)

Bertha Braun, mouse, Cinnamon (Sydney Dicken)

Mouse-King (Briana Folden)

Elizabeth Braun, Nutmeg (Elizabeth Goldsberry)

The Nutcracker (Nathan Hashman)

Fritz Stahlbaum, toy soldier (Collin Hull)

Kurt Stein, mouse (Courtney Hull)

Mother Stahlbaum (Lynn Hull)

Father Stahlbaum (Matt Hull)

Mother Ginger (Bill L'Heureux)

Cora Wolfe, Allspice (Corinne Jones)

Jeanne Braun, mouse (Jean Louise Kristofco)

Amy Schmidt, toy soldier (Sydney Lewis)

Klara Zucker, toy soldier (Tatum Lovsey)

Marie Stahlbaum (India Mitchell)

Sarah Stein, Cloves (Kairah Prince)

Mrs. Braun, Lady Toffee (Kelee Riesbeck)

Mrs. Schmidt, Lady Bonbon (Sandy Russell)

Mrs. Wolfe, Lady Peppermint (Kaylla Steadman)

Mrs. Zucker, Sugar Plum Fairy (Andrea Thompson)

Mrs. Stein, Lady Divinity (Marlo Tinkham)

Arthur Wolfe, mouse (Anna Wright)

Wrapping Nutcracker
At first, Drosselmeier pretends that the box contains nothing but wrapping paper  .  .  .   .  .  .but eventually he reveals the fantastic nutcracker he has brought.
Sharing Oops
Drosselmeier shows the children how to work the nutcracker, and Marie Stahlbaum passes out some cracked nuts. Marie's brother, Fritz, tries to crack too large a nut, and breaks some of the nutcracker's teeth.
Nurses Soldiers
The girls stay with Marie to nurse the injured nutcracker  .  .  . .  .  .  while the boys play with Fritz's toy soldiers.
Adieu Sleep
The guests depart. After everyone else in the family has gone up to their bedrooms, Marie goes to sleep in a chair next to the injured nutcracker.
Clock Tree
The clock's hands move swiftly, and it strikes midnight. The Christmas tree grows taller and taller, until it reaches the ceiling.
Mice King
Mice creep in and examine everything, including the sleeping Marie. The Mouse King reveals his plan to capture everything and to have Marie for his Queen.
Help Battle
Marie calls out for help, and the Nutcracker Prince springs to life and orders out his troops. The battle rages, first with candy and nut missiles and then with peppermint pikes, but the Nutcracker's forces are overcome by the mice.
Gratitude Ginger
Marie turns the tide by bravely bashing the Mouse King with her shoe.  In gratitude, the Nutcracker Prince asks her to come to visit his Queen, the Sugar Plum Fairy. Along the way, they meet Mother Ginger who – as usual – is out hunting for her children.
Talent Exit
Mother Ginger's children appear and show their talents. The Ginger children help their mother through her kitchen door  .  .  .
Leading Sugar Plum Fairy
.  .  .  and lead Marie and the Nutcracker Prince to the court of the Sugar Plum Fairy. The Sugar Plum Fairy presents Marie with a keepsake.
Awake Cling Clang
The senior Stahlbaums awaken Marie on Christmas morning. No one believes Marie's story until Judge Drosselmeier arrives and recites a magical poem that confirms Marie's experiences.
Dentistry Gift
Mysteriously, the nutcracker's jaw has been repaired. Drosselmeier's nephew (left) gives Marie a bracelet that matches the crowns work by the Mouse King, and Marie responds, “Thank you, Nutcracker.”
Violin Keyboard
Amy leads on the keyboard  .  .  . .  .  .  while Wen accompanies on the violin.


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