Stuart Little

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



The Company introduces Stuart Little, singing his name and spelling it out with alphabet blocks.


The Narrator keeps the story moving along.

  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Chorus (Jozlyn Bew)

Leroy, Chorus (Orion Carter)

Pigeon, Chorus (Grace Chambers)

George (Ethan Cooper)

Chorus (Paige Fuller)

Hank trashman, Repairman, Reporter (Katie Herron)

Malty the Cat, Chorus (Elena Johnson)

Riverbank Creature, Girl Sweeper, Chorus (Madison King)

Dog, Chorus (Max King)

Angie the cat, Chorus (Brandi Kisor)

Riverbank Creature, Chorus (Aiden Lachman)

Dental Assistant, Chorus (Sienna Lelux)

Margalo the Bird, Chorus (Sydney Lewis)

Tige the Cat, Chorus (Tatum L'Heureux)

Riverbank Creature, Chorus (Carter Maccabee)

Mr. Little, Zeke trashman (Dan Maccabee)

Babette the cat, Chorus (Katie Maccabee)

Snowbell the cat, Chorus (Riley Maffin)

Riverbank Creature, Chorus (Addie McGarry)

Chorus (Cali Papineau)

Bus Driver, Storekeeper (Brittan Posey)

Stuart Little (Eden Radcliff)

Harriet Ames, Chorus (Harmony Radcliff)

Referee, School Superintendent (Sandy Russell)

Chorus (Lilly Sauer)

Riverbank Creature, Chorus (Maeve Schwarzel)

Doctor, Dr. Carey the dentist (Terry Smith)

Riverbank Creature, Chorus (Leah Swatzel)

Dog, Chorus (Fox Thompson)

Mrs. Little (Andrea Thompson-Hashman)

Narrator (David Whealey)

Chorus (Mckenna Williams)

24 44
The Doctor examines Stuart, declares him to be in excellent condition, and advises the Littles to “Feed Him Up.” Feeding Stuart becomes a neighborhood project, and pretty soon . . .
61 127
. . . all the neighbors are helping to “Feed Him Up.” Snowbell the Cat, who lives with the Little family, tells Stuart that cats and mice are “Natural Enemies,” but Stuart convinces Snowbell to give friendship a try.
176 225
Filled with the joy of life, Stuart goes for a walk, but has to hide under a newspaper to escape some pushy dogs. Stuart rides the "West Seventy-second Street” bus to Central Park.
241 269
In the Park, Stuart meets Dr. Carey, a nautical dentist, who recruits him to pilot his sloop, the Wasp, in a race against the hated vessel, the Lillian B. Womrath. With his superior seamanship, Stuart handily wins “The Race” and brings Wasp home safely to port.
334 352
Stuart loses his heart to the beautiful Margalo, a bird that Mrs. Little has taken in. Call me "Stuart Little,” he sings. Stuart goes out for a little ice skating, but some dogs chase him, and he takes refuge in a garbage can.
366 393
That saves him from the dogs, but sanitation workers pick up his can, and Stuart soon finds himself stranded on a garbage scow. With a flutter of wings, Margolo flies down and rescues Stuart.
431 458
In the evening, Snowball goes out catting with her friends, Malty, Babette, and Tige.  They sing about how they love “Nighttime in New York.” As a friendly Pigeon eavesdrops, Angie, another of Snowball's friends, plots to enter the Little residence and do away with the mouse and the bird.
468479 497
The Pigeon gives Margello a note about the danger from Angie, so she leaves home. Heartbroken, Stuart goes in search of her. Seeking advice, Stuart visits Dr. Cary, who is busy with his patient, Mr. Edward Clydesdale, aided by Miss Swenson, his assistant. Dr. Cary gives Stuart a car to drive in his search for Margolo.
536 588
At the general store in Ames' Crossing, Stuart asks for sarsparilla, and the shopkeeper is so enthusiastic about the product that the whole store is soon dancing and singing about “Sa’s’parilla.” Stuart meets diminutive, weathy Harriet Ames and asks her to go canoeing, but the date doesn't work out very well.
630 668
Weighed down by his problems, Stuart wonders how he can carry on.  Friendly River Creatures appear and advise him to “Paddle Your Own Canoe.” Stuart volunteers to be a substitute teacher for a challenging class of unruly School Children.  He wins them over and teaches them an important lesson about the relative unimportance of “Size.”
732 797
Stuart asks a telephone Repairman to keep an eye out for Margolo.  Back on the road, he sings, “I'm Headed in the Right Direction” Curtain call.


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