The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Six spellers in position.

Spellers and guests seated

  • The Cast
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Charlito “Chip” Tolentino (Charlie Smith)

Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre (Megan Wanczyk)

Marcy Park (Emily Maluski)

William Barfée (Joe Balding)

Leaf Coneybear (Chris Coleman)

Olive Ostrovsky (Celeste Parsons)

Vice Principal Douglas Panch (Terry Smith)

Rona Lisa Peretti (Linda Watkins)

M. Mahoney (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Olive’s Mom, Cheerleader (Chris Neumann)

Cheerleader (Kaylla Steadman)

Cheerleader (Dana Gisser)

Cheerleader (Lynn Grabowski)


“The sequences of letters . . . may not be changed.” Logaine ready for her first word: “STRABISMUS.”
Olive:  “Would you please not sit in that seat?” Vice Principal Panch and Rona with the trophy.
Guest speller Lynn thinks over her first word. Marcy Park spells “PHYLACTERY.”
“Life Is Pandemonium” Logaine and her dads rehearse “CYSTITIS.”
Logain:  “Woe Is Me.” Coneybear:  “I'm Not That Smart.”
Barfée:  ”Magic Foot, be specific.“ Chip struggles to hide his “unfortunate erection” while attempting to spell “TITTUP.”
Mick:  “You can't comfort these kids.” Guest speller Talon gets a juice box from Mick.
Coneybear:  “I know I'm smart . . . Apple juice, please.” Marcy karate kicks the board.
Marcy:  “I won't win!” Olive's father, Olive, and her mother sing “The I Love You Song.”
Logaine spells out on “VUG.” Champion!  at the Putnam County Spelling Bee!
Jenn and Sylvia give notes. Jodi runs the light board.


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