The Addams Family Musical

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris and Jennifer Johnson


When You're an Adams

“When You're an Adams,” you welcome your ancestors to a living-and-dead reunion once a year.

Anything Else But Love

Fester informs the ancestors that he will trap them up on earth unless they help him help Wednesday and Lucas in their romance—“Let's not talk about anything else but love”

  • The Cast
  • (program order)

Gomez Addams (Brittan Posey)

Morticia Addams (Alexis Parsons)

Fester Addams (Joe Balding)

Grandma Addams (Celeste Parsons)

Wednesday Addams (Sydney Lewis)

Pugsley Addams ( Ethan Cooper)

Lucas Beineke (Jackson Savage)

Mal Beineke (Jason Morosko)

Alice Beineke (Lizzy Hall)

Lurch Addams (Bill L'Heureux)

Addams Ancestors (Chrissy Barkhurst-McKinney, Logan Boyer, Caleb Bryant, Orion Carter, Jenn Fritchley, Annie Haseley, Allyriane Huq, Ben King, Mindy King, Zoie Lanning, Riley Maffin, William Morosko, Chris Neumann, Eden Radcliff, Harmony Radcliff, and Andrea Thompson-Hashman)

Tasteless Yellow Flowers XXXX
Morticia displays to Lurch and Gomez the “tasteless” yellow flowers sent by the Beinekes, Lucus's parents, who are coming to supper. Wednesday tells Pugsley that she is being “Pulled” in a new direction.
One Normal NightOne Normal Night 2 Grandma
There is a tense moment for the Addams family as Wednesday and Morticia face off over having “One Normal Night” for the family supper. But “normal” is relative, or relatives:  Gomez introduces Grandma (who makes her own herbal remedies) to the Beinekes
Supper Full Disclosure
The family dinner has concluded. Gomez explains the rules of “Full Disclosure,” the traditional Addams Family supper game.
Waiting Corner
After drinking from the chalice, to which Pugsley has added Grandma's Acrimonium drug, Alice mourns the “Waiting” she has done all her life.  The Addams clan concludes that “That's too dark even for us!” as Act 1 ends. Morticia, mortified after learning that Gomez concealed Wednesday's engagement from her, consoles herself that “Death Is Just Around the Corner.”
Moon Crazier
Fester serenades his sweetheart with “The Moon and Me.” Alice and Mal Beineke celebrate their rekindled love with “Crazier Than You.”
Crazier 2Crazier 3 Coffin
When Lucas and Wednesday dare each other to be “Crazier Than You,” they reenact the William Tell apple shooting scene with the archer (Wednesday) blindfolded.  One of the ancestors guides the arrow and snatches the apple from Lucas's head.  Wednesday realizes that Lucas is willing to die for her. Pugsley asks Morticia to console him for the impending loss of his sister.  Morticia responds:  “Life is a tightrope, my child, and at the other end is your coffin. Better?”
Tango Passion
Gomez persuades Morticia to return to him in a “Tango De Amore.” The dance ends with passion.
Darkness Moon
With all couples reunited, everyone decides to “Move Toward the Darkness.” Fester beams down from the Moon on the loving couples.


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