The Ash Girl

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

Ash Girl 44

Ashgirl is abused by her stepsisters, Ruth and Judith.

Ash Girl 53
Ashgirl retreats to the comfort of the ashes.

Ash Girl 75
Stepmother listens as her daughters read the invitation to the ball.

Ash Girl 98
Prince Amir explains to his mother, Princess Zehra, his lack of interest in marriage.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Ashgirl (Brittany Miles)

Ruth (Kaylla Steadman)

Judith (Michelle Zeigler)

Stepmother (Lee Carter)

Prince Amir (Stephen Codling)

Princess Zehra (Andrea Thompson)

Paul (Levi Hays)

Slothworm (Gary Hillyer)

Angerbird (Joe Balding)

Envysnake (Lily Porter)

Gluttontoad (Todd Stoughton)

Pridefly (Jakob Bottoms)

Greedmonkey (Braden Baker)

Sadness (Kym Henry)

Lust (Katie Hukill)

The Man in the Forest (James Euto)

Owl (Joshua Jones)

Otter (David Potts)

The Fairy in the Mirror (Rachelle Gorland)

Girlmouse (Micaiah Clouse)

Boymouse (Orion Carter)

Spiders (Celeste Parsons, Nathan Hashman, Delaney Jacobs, Irie Green, Fox Thompson)

Ash Girl 125 Ash Girl 170
Angerbird confronts Slothworm in the forest. The Man in the Forest is enthralled by Lust.
Ash Girl 221 Ash Girl 232
As Ashgirl sews the ball gowns for her stepsisters, Sadness comes in to “comfort” her. Owl offers his wisdom to Ashgirl.
Ash Girl 250 Ash Girl 273
The Sins get Paul and Amir to fight. The stepsisters taunt Ashgirl before they leave for the ball.
Ash Girl 291 Ash Girl 304
Otter comes by for a friendly visit. Sadness works her wiles.
Ash Girl 365 Ash Girl 434
The Fairy sets up Ashgirl’s carriage with Otter as the coachman with the mice to pull it. Dancing at the ball.
Ash Girl 449 Ash Girl 495
Amir is captivated by Ashgirl. The stepsisters try to entrap the prince.
Ash Girl 534 Ash Girl 570
Ashgirl encounters the Sins in the forest. The stepsisters bully Ash Girl, taunting her about the ball: “Were you there?”
Ash Girl 615 Ash Girl 654
With Greedmonkey's encouragement, Stepmother decides on toe removal to make Judith's foot fit the slipper. The slipper fits—sort of.
Ash Girl 690 Ash Girl 702
Amir rejects Judith after all, and the Sins feed on Judith's rage. Stepmother decides that Ruth should now try to save the family fortunes by undergoing surgery.
Ash Girl 719 Ash Girl 734
Sadness and the Sins triumph over Ashgirl. The Fairy arrives in time to rally Ashgirl’s spirit.
Ash Girl 750 Ash Girl 760
The prince is elated to be reunited with his lost princess. The Man in the Forest identifies himself as Ashgirl’s long lost father and vows to conquer his lustful nature.
Ash Girl 781 Ash Girl 822
Before a wedding can occur, Ashgirl must answer three questions asked by Princess Zehra. Happily ever after.


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