The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus accompanied by a choir of angels, shepherds and the Wisemen as the Pageant unfolds.


Charlie Bradley retrieving his stolen lunch again from Leroy Herdman and spilling the news about free refreshments during Sunday school.


Alice Wendleken explaining to Beth Bradley why she didnít dare volunteer to be Mary in the Pageant.


  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Father, Bob Bradley (Chris MacNeal)

Mother, Grace Bradley (Lee Carter)

Beth Bradley (Becca Robinson)

Charlie Bradley (Orion Carter)

Ralph Herdman (Riley Maffin)

Imogene Herdman (Micaiah Clouse)

Leroy Herdman (Sarah Pratt)

Claude Herdman (Alexis Fritchley)

Ollie Herdman (Teagan Hughes)

Gladys Herdman (Hannah Bruckner)

Alice Wendleken (Sydni Roell)

Mrs. Armstrong (Linda Watkins)

Mrs. Slocum (Alexa Ross)

Mrs. Clark/Fireman (Katie Hukill)

Mrs. Clausing (Rachel Evertt)

Mrs. McCarthy (Andrea Hashman)

Maxine (India Mitchell)

Elmer Hopkins (Micah Prakin)

Hobie (Allyriane Huq)

David (Audrey Grace)

Shirley (Audrey Tompkins)

Juanita (Grace Chambers)

Doris/Angel Choir (Elizabeth Goldsberry)

Reverend Hopkins (Joe Balding)

Beverly/Angel Choir (Sydney Dicken)

Fireman/Angel Choir (Morgan Brausey)

Angel choir (Tatum LíHeureux)

Angel choir (Fox Thompson)

Angel choir (Evan Roell)

Angel choir (RJ Sochia III)

Angel choir (Blossom Fabian)

Angel choir (Avery Brooks)

Angel choir (Callie Crosbb)

Gladys Herdman giving Grace Bradley her interpretation of the angel who visits the shepherds. Grace Bradley referees Imogene Herdman and Ralph Herdman as they fight over the baby.
Very prim and proper Alice Wendleken explaining what the angel says. Imogene Herdman realizing all eyes are on her as Mary the Mother of Jesus.
Imogene Herdman playing Mary the Mother of Jesus and Ralph Herdman as Joseph, during the Pageant.


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