The Boy Friend

Photos by J. Jack Chan

Poor Polly

Something important is missing from the life of poor Polly Browne.

The boys and girls pose for a picture.
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Hortense (Celeste Parsons)

Maisie Merryweather (Tanyah Stone)

Dulcie (Alison Bartlett)

Fay (Valerie Schrader)

Polly Browne (Annah Abetti Korpi)

Marcel (Chaz Canter)

Pierre (Sam Witmer)

Alfonse (Paul Rohrer)

Madame Dubonnet (Linda Watkins)

Bobby Van Husen (Bill L'Heureux)

Percival Browne (Tom Schmitz)

Tony Brockhurst (Andy Stone)

Lord Hubert Brockhurst (Joe Balding)

Lady Hilda Brockhurst (Karen Chan)

Pepe (Charlie Smith)

Charleston Fancy Forgetting You
Maisie and Bobby dance the Charleston. Mme. Dubonnet scolds Percival: ". . . this is no way to greet an old friend!"
I Could Be Happy with You The Boy Friend
Tony and Polly sing and dance "I Could Be Happy with You." In couples, the cast sings "The Boy Friend" to close Act I.
Sur le Plage Boys at the Beach
Maisie and Dulcie sing "What a lovely day . . . For a dip in the sea." Marcel and Pierre enjoy the view!
Fay at le Plage Admiring the View
Fay: "There's no knowing . . . Who you are going . . . To meet sur le Plage." Lord Brockhurst admires the view while comforting Lady Brockhurst.
A Room in Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Dance
Tony and Polly envision "A room . . . In Bloomsbury" . . . . . . and dance with joy.
Nicer in Nice Safety in Numbers
Hortense sings "It's Nicer in Nice," backed up by the boys and girls. Maisie feels that there's "Safety in Numbers."
The Riviera Lady Brockhurst Rocks the Riviera
Mme. Dubonnet coaxes Percy into dancing. Lady Brockhurst rocks "The Riviera."
Too Old Never Too Late
Lord Brockhurst tells Dulcie, "I may be too old to run a mile." But, "It's never too late to have a fling."
Pierrot and Pierrette All Rejoice
Tony/Pierrot loves Polly/Pierrette, and all is well. The carnival ball ends with general rejoicing.
Band Director and Lighting Designer
The musicians take a break between acts. Director and Lighting Designer hold a consultation.

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