The Dixie Swim Club

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Twenty-two years after their college graduation, four members of a championship swim team gather for their annual weekend on the Outer Banks, NC.  Vernadette, with broken arm, entertains the others with stories of her bad luck as they wait for the fifth member of the team.



Jeri Neal, who became a nun after college, arrives, obviously pregnant.

  • The Cast
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Vernadette (Alexa Ross)

Jeri Neal (Martha Carson)

Sheree (Ginny Puhl)

Lexie (Kristin Kerwin)

Dinah (Linda Watkins)

Photo Birth
The girls share memories over a photo of them taken by the Antioch men's team captain. Jeri Neal goes into labor, and Sheree shows why she was the team captain, organizing the departure for the hospital, and leading everyone in deep breathing.
Job advice Bad outfit
Five years later, successful lawyer Dinah gives career advice to Jeri Neal while playing cards. Sheree and Dinah critique Jeri Neal's proposed outfit for her first job interview:  “You look like an upholstered footstool.”
Clown Boyfriend
Vernadette arrives late and begins to explain why she is using a crutch and wearing a clown suit. Lexie is getting another divorce, but her spirits have been lifted by a man (“the most divine creature”) she has just met on the beach.
Hooker Lexie's ex
Jeri Neal returns with a second try at an interview outfit, but Vernadette observes that she now looks “like a hooker who stole an expensive handbag.” Vernadette watches with glee as Lexie complains that Dinah has been making “inappropriate advances toward my husband,” actually one of her ex-husbands from two marriages ago.
Storm coming Biscuits
At the reunion five years later, Vernadette overhears Jeri Neal talking sexily to her younger husband who has called to warn of an approaching tropical storm. Vernadette reacts to the stress of the approaching storm by baking biscuits, “the ultimate Southern comfort food,” as she reminds Sheree who has suggested that biscuits are “one of the worst foods you can put into your system.”
Healthy living Toast
But Sheree's healthy lifestyle has paid off.  The ladies are shocked to hear her mention casually that she and her husband “make love almost every night.” Sheree leads a toast with the old team cheer to honor friends and relatives who have recently passed away:  “The faster we swim, the sooner we win!”
With you Ashes
After the other ladies have evacuated the cottage ahead of the storm, Dinah comforts Lexie and assures her that she will see her through an upcoming course of cancer treatments.

Twenty-three years later, the team meets to say farewell to the beach cottage which is being torn down.  They say the old toast to honor Dinah, whose ashes are (appropriately) in her martini shaker:  “The faster we swim, the sooner we win!"  Lexi guides Vernadette's hand to help her join in despite her increasing dementia.


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