The Importance of Being Earnest

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Being Earnest-13

Lane serves stoically as Algernon gobbles the cucumber sandwiches prepared for Lady Bracknell.

Being Earnest-122

Lane covers for Algernon:  “There were no cucumbers in the market this morning, sir. . . . Not even for ready money.”

  • The Cast
  • (program order)

John Worthing, J.P. (James Euto)

Algernon Moncrieff (Leslie Heskett)

Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. (Gordon Pettey)

Merriman, Butler (Joe Balding)

Lane, Manservant (Joe Balding)

Lady Bracknell (Alexa Ross)

Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax (Heidi Wilhelm)

Cecily Cardew (Lizzie Potter)

Miss Prism, Governess (Celeste Parsons)

Being Earnest-130 Being Earnest-168
Algernon and Lady Bracknell discuss details of a coming dinner party. Jack and Gwendolyn declare their love for each other (so long as his name is really “Earnest”).
Being Earnest-280 Being Earnest-501
Algernon and Jack discuss the difficulties with relatives. “Ripeness can be trusted,” Miss Prism assures the Rev. Chasable.
Being Earnest-617 Being Earnest-627
“Uncle Jack, if you don't shake hands with Ernest I will never forgive you.” Cecily mediates between Jack and Algernon (pretending to be the imaginary brother Ernest). Jack throttles Algernon for having wormed his way into his home to meet his ward.
Being Earnest-704 Being Earnest-760
Cecily and Algernon declare their love (so long as his name is really “Earnest”). Gwendolyn inspects Cecily during their first meeting.
Being Earnest-826 Being Earnest-852
At the height of a tense face-off between Cecily and Gwendolyn over which of them is engaged to marry “Earnest,” Merriman arrives with tea. Tea is poured, as Cecily parries barbs from Gwendolyn concerning normally neutral topics:  gardening and country life.
Being Earnest-869 Being Earnest-955
Cecily grins after serving Gwendolyn a huge slice of cake (instead of the bread and butter she preferred) and many lumps of sugar (instead of none). Cecily and Gwendolyn resist the blandishments of Algernon and Jack.
Being Earnest-997 Being Earnest-1015


With the identity confusion at least partially resolved, the two couples embrace joyfully.

Lady Bracknell refuses to recognize Jack's engagement to Gwendolyn.
Being Earnest-1175 Being Earnest-1189
A mysterious handbag holds the secret that will solve problems for two sets of lovers. Jack was the baby Miss Prism accidentally left in the handbag at the train station, but only Lady Bracknell knows his parentage.
Being Earnest-1258 Being Earnest-1269
Solving the final puzzle clears the way for all three romances to proceed. Cast and crew clown around after the Media Night rehearsal.
Earnest-17 Earnest-16
During rehearsals, the Line Coach keeps the Earnest actors strictly Wilde. During performances, unseen by the audience, the Stage Manager keeps the production on track with a firm hand.


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