The Little Mermaid

Photos by Jennifer Johnson & Carl Fonticella


At sea.

Prince Eric would rather be a sailor than assume his duties as his father's heir.


Ariel shows Flounder the fork Eric tossed from his ship. What could it be?

  • The Cast
  • (program order)

Ariel (Zoie Lanning)

Pilot (Sandy Russell)

Sailors (Eli Brooks, Caleb Bryant, Ethan Cooper, & Brittan Posey)

Prince Eric (Jackson Savage)

Grimsby (Joe Balding)

Flounder (Elena Johnson)

Scuttle (Jenn Fritchley)

Windward (Celeste Parsons)

Leeward (Tatum L’Heureux)

King Triton (Jeremy Hayes)

Sebastian (Devin Sudman)

Mersisters/Princesses (Aquata - Logan Boyer,
Andrina - Chrissy Barkhurst-McKinney,
Arista - Annie Haseley,
Atina - Marissa Dienstag,
Adella - Mackenzie Perry,
Allana - Allie Harmon)

Flotsam (Allyriane Huq)

Jetsam (Sydney Lewis)

Ursula (Alexis Radcliff)

Gulls (Mackenzie Perry, Allyriane Huq, Sydney Lewis, Brittan Posey, Marissa Dienstag, & Chrissy Barkhurst-Mckinney)

Maids (Logan Boyer, Annie Haseley, Allie Harmon, & Sandy Russell)

Chef Louis (Brittan Posey)

Chefs (Adeel Koshal, Mindy King, Alexis Fritchley, Grace Chambers, Caleb Bryant, Jenn Fritchley, Mackenzie Perry, & Marissa Dienstag)

Carlotta (Sylvia Abbott)

Ariel Understudy (Mackenzie Perry)

Scuttle Understudy (Celeste Parsons)

Sea Creatures (Eli Brooks, Caleb Bryant, Mindy King, Grace Chambers, Ethan Cooper, Alexis Fritchley, Brandi Kisor, Adeel Koshal, & Tatum L’Heureux)

scuttle advises king with heralds
Scuttle, self-proclaimed expert on “human stuff,” proclaims that the fork is a Dinglehopper. King Triton, flanked by heralds Windward and Leeward, proclaims a day of celebration commemorating his defeat of the evil sea witch Ursula.
ursula with eels first sight
Ursula, meanwhile, describes her desire to avenge her defeat by capturing “Daddy's Little Angel.” When Eric's ship goes down in a storm, Ariel rescues him, and is captivated.
sisters and flounder eric portrait
Ariel's acting strange, Flounder and the Mersisters decide, because “She's in love!” Prince Eric has been captivated by “Her Voice” he has heard while sailing.
under the sea under the sea finale
Sebastian the Crab advises Ariel that she doesn't need the human world—it's much nicer “Under the Sea.” All the sea creatures join the party.
telescope grotto
King Triton is enraged by Ariel's fascination with human artifacts . . .

. . . and destroys her grotto with the power of his trident.

poor child ursula
Taking advantage of Ariel's grief, the eels Flotsam and Jetsam persuade the “Poor Child” that Ursula can help her win Prince Eric. Ursula is more than happy to promise Ariel help—in return for her voice.
ursula at cauldron magic shell
She stirs up a spell in her cauldron that will give Ariel three days to win a kiss from Eric . . . . . . and tells Ariel to sing her voice into her magic shell. Ariel is then transformed into a human and stranded on the seashore.
positoovity bath
Scuttle and the other gulls assure Ariel that “Positoovity” will help her win Prince Eric. In Eric's palace, Ariel marvels at the wonders “Beyond My Wildest Dreams.”
chef portrait chef squad
Chef Louis prepares a special dish of “Les Poissons” for Ariel's first dinner at the palace. An entire squadron of chefs presents an array of fish dishes.
the reveal waltz
The pièce de résistance turns out to be Sebastian, and a wild chase ensues. Eric shows Ariel that dancing is a way of communicating without words.
flirt 2 flirt 1
But time for the spell to be broken with a kiss is running out . . .  . . . so Sebastian teaches Ariel how to flirt.
rowboat voice contest
While Eric takes Ariel rowing, Sebastian urges him to “Kiss the Girl,” and almost succeeds—until Flotsam and Jetsam rock the boat with an electric shock. Grimsby, Eric's guardian, has arranged a singing contest to find the owner of the voice for which Eric is searching. Although Eric decides he wants none of the contestants as much as Ariel, even without her voice, the sun is setting on Ariel's third day . . .
ariel takes shell kiss
. . .  and Ursula appears to carry Ariel to her lair.  However, Ariel seizes the magic shell, regains her voice—and Triton's trident. Returned to human form by her father, Ariel sails off into the sunset with Prince Eric.


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