The Littlest Angel

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



”It's a Heavenly Day in Heaven“ proclaim the Town Crier Angel and the rest of the heavenly host.


Gabriel greets new arrival Esther, who wants to know all about his trumpet.

  • The Cast
  • (alphabetical order)

Sylvia Abbott (Angel Hannah)

Joe Balding (Gabriel)

Dean Barker (Voice of God)

Jozlyn Bew (Angel Jana, Shepherd Joel)

Bruce & Lou Ann Jones (Pre-show Announcers)

Jailee LaFleur (Angel Judith)

Tatum L'Heureux (Angel Tabitha, Town Crier Angel)

Jodi MacNeal (Understudy for Uriel)

Izzy Meek (Angel Illa)

Abram Papineau (Angel Abram, Shepherd Abel)

Cali Papineau (Angel Carmela)

Brittan Posey (Rafael)

Kaela Ricket (Esther, the Littlest Angel)

Sandy Russell (Angel Sara, Shepherd Samuel)

Andrea Thompson-Hashman (Choir Director Angel (Uriel))

Fox Thompson (Angel Ruben)


89 102
After Rafael prevents Esther's first attempt at flying from coming to a bad end, he advises “Better get into the Novice Flying Class before you try that again.” Esther also meets the Choir Director Angel, who tells her to “Take a deep breath and sing out” to demonstrate her vocal range.
103 116
But the Littlest Angel doesn't sing very well . . . . . . so Uriel invites her to be the Page Turning Assistant.
132 150
Esther tries to teach some of the other angels to play ball, but the ball goes out of control and hits Rafael in the ear. Esther explains why she made the ball out of strips torn from her robe.
160 175
“What's the matter?” asks Gabriel.  “I just don't fit in,” explains Esther.  “And I miss the earth.” “Heaven is great, and grand, and glorious . . . but earth can be beautiful, too,” Esther explains.
191 202
Gabriel sends Rafael to retrieve Esther's special box of keepsakes from earth. The box holds a butterfly, two smooth white stones, a bird's egg, and the collar that belonged to Esther's dog.  “I know they don't look like anything special.  But they are special to me.”
219 217 223
When the Town Crier announces that the Lord God will cause his own son to be born of a mortal woman, all the angels begin to plan special gifts to give the holy child.
237 258
On the holy night, the angels lay gifts at the foot of the throne of God. With nothing else to give, the Littlest Angel places her precious box at the foot of the throne—and then, thinking it isn't good enough, tries to take it back.
267 292
But the Voice of God declares, “Of all the gifts of all the angels . . . I find that this small box pleases me best.  Its contents are of the earth and of men, and my Son is born to be king of both.”  The box rises into the sky to become the Christmas star. Shepherds around a campfire are watching their sheep when Gabriel blows his trumpet and the Littlest Angel announces “Good tidings of great joy.”
303 311
Angels appear in the heavens singing “Gloria in excelsis!” The shepherds decide to go to Bethlehem.
312 327
“Can we go, too?” asks Esther.  “I thought you'd never ask,” replies Gabriel.  “I wouldn't miss it for all eternity!” Curtain call.


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